DIY: Testing Earth's curvature. Clear assumptions, proposition of two experiment.

That’s funny. You mean what I learned in high school physics is all wrong and the book will have to be rewritten? In 400 years or so of physics experiments, everyone was doing it wrong until you came along? And refraction, which is the basis of all transmissive optics, including possibly the glasses you are wearing, doesn’t exist? And magnifying lenses, telescopes and microscopes don’t actually work? Who knew!

Wow. “Skycentrism:We live inside the earth”? And here I thought we were fighting a bit of garden-variety ignorance, not a full-on, make-up-your-own-facts lunatic fringe theory. My mistake.

Well, let’s see how normal this discussion started, first: Are you claiming that the photographs and videos taken of the Earth from space are fake?

Wait! I want to hear the OP explain lunar eclipses, and the circular shadow.

Or we could cut all the way to the chase, and just ask karol about what exactly he thinks the lizard people that are in charge are going to do to us.

So a lone guy with a fucking *camcorder *has disproven everything we know about the Earth; everything that can be and has been observed by using satellites, rockets, etc.

Or, you know… Voyager, Jupiter, etc.

I live near a lake that’s wide enough that we can’t see the other shore (due to the convex nature of the earth, karol…). When we were kids we loved to pretend it was the ocean, and Europe was on the other side of the lake.

Well, yeah, but everyone knows Norfolk is ridiculously flat. It’s not normal.

Here, let’s try this counter-experiment:

Ka rol, your experiment is local in nature, whereas this experiment is more regional (NW Nevada) in nature, and seems to remove those pesky atmospheric phenomena that may taint any experiment. Feel free to watch at your own leisure and pause the video near apogee and take a straight edge to the earth (left frame of video since the right frame is a fisheye lens) to confirm it’s convex curvature.

Long version:

The experiments at the Bedford Level and the Koreshans both get chapters in Eccentric Lives And Peculiar Notions ( I highly recommend it.). Teed seems to have been a true believer who wanted what he thought was best for humanity. The commune he and his followers built is still intact in Florida. I’d like to go some day, but it’s quite a trip from where my kin in the Sunshine State live.

Wired article showing an interesting way to see the curvature of the earth. Concourse A at the Atlanta Airport.

Curved indeed. But guess in which direction ?

The hoax of refraction and angular declination of the horizon:


Again…you are describing something very local in size, but as you increase the distance, it is readily apparent that it is concave. You didn’t look at the video I listed which removed the atmospheric effects, did you?

You can’t convince crazy, Yeti. But a noble effort nonetheless.

A Fata Morgana is a mirage caused by the bending of light where objects over the horizon are sometime visible.

The part I can’t understand is what’s the point of believing a theory as loony as a concave earth? You have to claim that everything we know about physics and optics is wrong, but what do you get to explain instead? Is it just a ploy to lure web traffic?

Bingo…especially the YouTubers who fearmonger to get advertisement revenue for outlandish bullshit. There’s one guy called “BPEarthwatch” who fearmongers in the name of the Lord and with any comet that is in the news (Elenin, ISON, etc.)…and even when the comets fall apart, he still rails on that the pieces will hit earth and make the rapture imminent.

I think it’s something about propping up a particular interpretation of the Bible - something about the sky being God’s garment - therefore it has to be wrapped around him, with the earth outside of it, or some such nonsense.

The most stupid part of this is:

IF the earth is concave, and it only looks convex because of optical illusions…

You won’t be able to prove this using an optical instrument such as a camcorder.

That would certainly explain the insistence on reading articles and viewing videos, instead of offering an explanation to defend his position.