Do all U.S. states require registered cars to carry insurance?

That’s a neat idea on the face of it, but the Big Insurance lobby would squash it like a bug, wouldn’t they? It would take away a giant chunk of income from insurance companies and put it in the hands of various state governments. Considering the shrieking by the anti-ACA lot, I think this would be every bit as controversial - and widely hated, since it would push gas from barely affordable to not affordable for poor folks. Plus it would level out the cost, so that crappy drivers who are a higher risk would be paying the same as low-risk drivers.

Raising annual registration fees to cover some sort of basic liability, with the cost adjusted depending on the car-owner’s driving record and so on, might be a little more practical. But then you’d probably see the rates of fake insurance documents rising exponentially (and don’t think they don’t exist now; they do) as well as people with great driving records being bribed to register other peoples’ cars in their name.

for credit report reasons I suggest keeping minimum amount of insurance even if you do not own a car if you have a license. Insurance and credit is connected these days.

Think about the worse is no fault accident insurance states. In some if you dont have a accident over 5,000 in damage they arent required to fill out a police report. So if your a out of state driver who insurance requires a police report your messed over for being legal

How would one get auto insurance without owning an auto? :confused:

Is united states need to go to community medicine and government provided auto insurance and get rid of the insurance providers all together after premiums,deductibles,co pays,Etc all they are doing is depreciating what they pay out which makes the garages and doctors up the bills for every one across the board. So all in all your out a lot of money for services your not able to use because of deductible and co pays

You can get a none owners policy which allows you to drive other people cars or a business car. Might half to shop around for it.

Or get added to a relatives policy. But it and credit is tied together now days

Huh, so I did a fast google and apparently that is possible. I’ve never not owned at least one vehicle and insurance is always tied to both me and the vehicle. Thank you for the head’s-up.

I suppose it depends by state, but I can loan a vehicle to someone with a drivers license but no insurance (I have done this, and checked to make sure it was legal) and they are covered under my policy.

I didn’t understand your post #25. Providing cites or links for statements is helpful; on this board you’re liable to get pestered about backing up statements of fact. :slight_smile:

Ok I get pester a lot about backing up things. But at this point in my life it goes in a do not care pile. Most information’s,scriptures,laws, etc have all been tamper with in my life time so back something up means nothing to me. Proof is over rated when in a world were every thing is subjected to manipulation at any giving time.

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with that statement I will leave then. Because prove something is generally how social paths think. Which means people who wants to or needs to controls social activitys. And do not care pile was not meant to be rude. Its just things change daily. You should always do your own searchs for things. Internets world wide. Not every thing is the same every were else. As for post 25 that was united states needs to do away with insurance providers and provide the stuff themselves rather than mandating we have it. Which takes away our bargaining power for better rates. can’t post a link for something that don’t exist in the united states.

1 it might be safe for my security and soft ware. But not yours. 2 not every thing has a link to it. 3 If I post a link and you haven’t got good anti virus,firewalls,and etc and you get hit with a virus I’ll catch heck over it. 4 like I said every thing has been edited or alter in my life time from the bible to corn flakes

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No seat belt law for adults either! Live Free or Die, bitches.*
*Surprisingly, hand-held cell phone use will be banned starting July 2015.

Princess Diana joke:
Q: Why did the princess cross the road?
A: She wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

Several provinces in Canada have government-run auto insurance, I think it comes with the license plates. (BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba if I recall). The general consensus is that it is cheaper than private insurance companies, simplified, but like any big bureaucracies has its drawbacks. There’s been talk of it in other provinces, but any time it’s suggested the insurance companies howl like monkeys flinging feces.

A friend of mine who had a term position out west said he kept Ontario insurance on his car because for minimal insurance for clunkers, it was cheaper - for his $2,000 jalopy that would likely be written off he could get 3rd-party-only insurance, whereas their insurance insisted on the full monty liability. OTOH, some provinces make no distinction for 18-25yo drivers; everyone pays the same price depending only on driving record.

5 wtf?

In practice, nothing happens at all. Your insurer pays out its policy limit, and the other person’s attorney finds out you have nothing that won’t cost more than the garnishment proceedings and moves on.

I mean, it’s possible that you are a wealthy person that has assets worth seizing, but then you’d probably have much higher policy limits.

Florida requires only personal injury protection and (third party) property damage coverage, and only up to $10,000. As you might imagine, that doesn’t cover much.

The VAST majority (99.9%) of those who drive uninsured are known as “judgement-proof” in the insurance industry. In other words, even if you sued them and won, you’d still never see a penny because they have no assets and little to no income.

The uninsured driver I hit (he pulled out of a driveway right in front of me - he was at fault) had no insurance, license, or registration, so the gas idea would discourage not registering a car in order to save on insurance.
If they allocate the coverage to existing insurance companies, they might buy in - it would save on sales costs for them. Plus, this insurance coverage would be for the minimal amounts - they’d have the opportunity to sell more coverage to their customers.
You might get around the crappy driver problem by adding a fine for accidents. In California they’ve jacked up the fees for tickets like red light running a ton, so the actual fine is almost trivial compared to the fees.
Won’t happen, but it is an interesting idea. Especially for us hybrid and electric car drivers.

You can get additional coverage for the excess - and also for stuff like liability for claims against you as a homeowner - for not that much.
Uninsured motorist coverage works pretty well. Another place it applies is hit and run accidents with you as victim. When I was in grad school my car, parked off the street, got hit when I was 800 miles away. Uninsured motorist coverage handled that also, no deductible, and my rates went down.