Do cops know where all the drug fronts in town are?

You just Think he died in 2001… :smiley:

…somewhere on a beach, a man with grey hair just read that on an iPad, laughed, and tossed that high tech picture frame into the surf…

She’s talking about money laundering operations though. It’s not something I have any direct exposure to but I don’t think the characterization of such operations as being solely oriented toward illegal drugs makes much sense. The street dealers don’t worry about laundering their money, they don’t make enough to do that. The big money is made at a higher level and heavily mixed with the proceeds of other crimes, and it would be too much money to move through small retail operations. A somewhat larger business with the potential for a lot of no show jobs and receipts for non-existent goods makes more sense.

I wonder if the IRS at the federal and state level actually care about these operations at all if they’re paying taxes. They’re more concerned with bustling operations that report little or no revenue. An actual quote from a state agent regarding a pizza shop, “$17,000 in sales last year!? They must have spent $17,000 on pepperoni last year!”


I know of two places that are fronts. One is an appliance repair shop that is actually a front for a bookie.In 23 years, I have never seen an actual appliance enter or leave the place. The other is a restaurant. It is staffed solely by a woman who clearly and obviously doesn’t give a shit and who is under no obligation to do anything but be there with the lights on during business hours. The place is “cash only.”
Now the thing about fronts is that sometimes the cops do know about them and allow them to continue doing business. There’s this thing called institutional corruption, you see.