Do Dogs Learn Tricks Due To Instinct?

Oh yeah. I have a Jack Russel who plays caroms off the fence all the time. I’ll throw the ball from 50 feet away and he will smother it like a shortstop if it comes of low. or wait and jump up to grab it if it hits the ground first and comes off high. It’s amazing to watch.

There is a domestic cat act on Malory Square in Key West. Dominique has shown his cats for years and they are the biggest act on the square.
They all sit on stools. he then commands them and they all get up on their hind legs at the same time. one of them jumps through a fiery hoop. They come out of their cages at the same time. After the act they go back in their cages and reach through and lock them.
One walks a tightrope and they all respond to commands,
The act has 3 cats and a spare that is in training.