Do fancy restaurants really have house jackets/ties for underdressed patrons?

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Yes, they did serve salad. Tossed, I believe. Why do you ask?

That’s just silly, at least the tie only part (unless the person who was loaned the tie was already wearing a sportcoat). Unless you work at Chilli’s, if you’re wearing a tie, you better have a jacket close by. If you’re only going to wear one (tie or jacket), it’s the jacket - no question.

I believe the Ritz dining room in Atlanta still does the loaner jacket thing.

Patty, I think he was in Napolis, as it’s said in Bawlmer.

That’s interesting. I don’t know much about fashion, and I didn’t realize this was a rule. What if it’s hot out, and you don’t need a jacket? Just shirt and tie with no jacket is a faux pas (for non-Chili’s employees)?

I’ve always thought a jacket with no tie looks silly, like you’re Miami Vice or something, or maybe you don’t know how to tie one and don’t want to resort to a clip-on. And there’s nothing worse, IMO, than a blazer with a turtleneck.

Anyway, like I said, I don’t know much about fashion.

StageWest here in town has a no jean/jacket requirement. I was there a couple of months ago for a work function and one person (who is clearly illiterate – there were notifications all over the place at work) showed up in jeans and was required to borrow a jacket.

I find it very odd that they insist on this, actually. The place is in a badish part of town, the decor hasn’t been redone since 1976, and the patrons tend to be pretty firmly ensconced in the lower-middle class. I suppose it is done to appease the older patrons who like an occasion to get dressed up for and don’t want to see any young whipper-snappers in jeans and no jacket when they’re watching bad dinner theatre and eating so-so buffet.

(FWIW, I actually kind of get a kick out of StageWest, but the dress code strikes me as totally laughable.)

Well, with a tie and no jacket you look like you’re on your way home from a hard day’s work at IBM. In 1965.

Would these ritzy places let me in wearing a tie and a vest?

Happened to me at the Machus Red Fox (the place Jimmy Hoffa disappeared from) in the early 1980’s. I looked like a used car salesman with that jacket & tie. I failed to see how that helped with the decorum.

I was working at a business convention in NYC in the early 1990s, and was invited to join a group for dinner. I ran up to my hotel room to ditch the tie and jacket (it was a hot day), only to get to the restaurant and find out that they required jacket & tie. The tie they loaned me was fine. The jacket was a problem. I have 38" sleeves, and the best they could do was tight across the chest and the sleeves were 3" above my shirt cuffs. It looked ridiculous, and I took it off and hung it over the back of my chair the moment we were seated.