Do many non-disabled people use electric wheelchairs?

So what explains the vast difference in popularity (among healthy individuals) of electric scooters and bicycles?

Electric scooters don’t go very far or fast compared to a bike. Carrying stuff(like groceries) is more awkward on a scooter.

ETA: I would imagine there’s a stigma (?) for a healthy person to use a scooter.

Didn’t they first appear in sun-belt retirement areas?

It seems to me that several things are getting lumped together here. :confused:

bob++, do you golf? Do you really think it’s lazy to use a golf cart? While I don’t mind walking the four miles or so that a round of golf covers, I do mind carrying a 30-40 lb. bag around for that distance. I’ve never once thought that golfers who use golf carts were disabled, pretending to be disabled, or lazy. I would certainly walk if I didn’t have to carry my clubs. If I played enough, I would buy one of those electric bag caddies so I could walk without carrying my clubs.

And if you are talking about golf carts being used in retirement communities, that’s also a different thing than using a scooter or electric wheelchair for relatively short distances in a store, for example. People use golf carts in retirement communities as an alternative to getting into their car and driving, not really as an alternative to walking.

One my Grandfathers friends use to take a lot of ribbing for hiring a caddy, which he did because he couldn’t carrry the clubs. But who carries the clubs now? Around here, /all/ golfers use a “golf caddy”

Since I started grocery shopping at a store versus home delivery after I had my stroke, I make use of those electric carts at Walmart. I’ve recently graduated to a straight cane from a quad cane. I can push a standard cart but it gets tiring to me. Whenever I see someone riding an electric cart, I look to see if they have a cane or some sort of manual mobility aid with them. I’ve noticed many of those carts are used by obese people with no mobility aids. But I’ll admit there are medical conditions where even if you don’t use a cane, crutches, or walker you might not be able to walk through a whole grocery shopping trip.

My wife uses the electric carts at stores due to arthritis in her feet. What we find aggravating are people that don’t really need them will use them and when done, leave the carts in the parking lot. A trip to Target last week found 2 of the 3 electric carts in the parking lot with low charges on the batteries, the third was in the store with a dead battery. I won’t say nothing about the fucktards that berate my wife for using the electric carts. So sorry dipwad, not everyone that needs one has a big ass that hangs over the seat.

Trump is… 70. Not terribly old, but certainly not young.

I don’t know his past lifestyle but if he was an “office jockey” and lead a primarily sedentary lifestyle, then quite possibly he may need assistance. Also, might have some body armor on which would add some weight and also might make him overly hot and lead to profuse sweating.

Or, it’s just a game to him. Who knows?