Do people really have sex in strip clubs? (L.A. anti-lap dance ordinance)

The “Seventh Veil” in Hollywood had a reputation for some illicit activities in the late 90s. The “Lap Room” was a place where the dancers would give special attention to clients, specializing in couples.

It was a very weird place. They did not serve alcohol, so people brought in their own stuff with a nod and a wink from the operators. The atmosphere was beyond creepy, everyone seemed very high and I felt something terrible was about to happen from the moment I set foot in the joint. Not my idea of fun.

Ok I am a soccer mom and I will go to a strip club.

I think its ridiculous to create this law. I think that when you enter a strip club it is consensual. Going into the champagne room and paying all that money you should get something for it! That would be up to the stripper though.

I love to go out with friends to the clubs. Nothing like watching the girls. If you are into the full on lap dances so be it. Its your choice to waste your money in such a manner.
Come up to Oregon we have full contact :smiley:

Not true. Years ago, I would occasionally frequent some of the clubs down on Baltimore’s block. When they weren’t dancing, many of the girls would try to get customers to buy them a drink ( about $20 for what was most likely water, IIRC ) which got you the priveledge of having them rub up against you while talking to you. Some girls would try to get you to “buy a private bottle of champaign” to be shared in the back. This was code for sex in one of the little rooms the had back there. A “$75 bottle” got you a BJ and, I don’t remember, something like $125 was for intercourse. I wasn’t interested, but would be regularly propositioned by the girls, it was a part of their job. I don’t think anyone ever got any champaign, I saw the dancers go into the room with johns and come out, nobody ( that I observed ) ever took in any bottles. The room itself ( it was on the way to the bathroom and when the door was open you could see in ) contained only a cot.

This was…oh, 1987ish, I think.

OK, L.A. City Council, you’re way off base! The proof is in this thread! Maybe some strippers do have sex in Baltimore and Atlanta and Florida and Milwaukee and, uh, San Francisco and Lennox and Inglewood…but NOBODY boinks in L.A.!!! Our stripper gals are pure as the driven snow, and hella sexy to boot.

And besides, even if someone were having sex in an L.A. club, what’s the harm? Nothing bad happened to the moral fiber of Baltimore and Atlanta and Florida and Milwaukee and San Francisco and Lennox and Inglewood…did it?

I will presently be sending a copy of this thread to Messrs. Villaraigosa, Garcetti, Perry and Miscikowski, et al. They will cry in remorse when they realize how unfairly they’ve judged others.

I went to some clubs in Baltimore’s Block with an old roommate. I was too broke to do anything of consequence, but the roommate got champagne and head for $200. This was around 1990.

Very creepy environment. One place, after seeing one of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen naked strut her stuff on the stage, she made a beeline for me and said “Lookin’ for some female companionship, hon?”

“The Block” is literally next door to Charm City’s biggest police station. My understanding is that they turn a blind eye to it because Baltimore really needs to attract convention business, and as Atlanta has shown, the way to do that is to encourage/tolerate a degree of stripping and prostitution. Baltimore, incidentally, has (or had in the 90s) the nation’s highest incidence of syphilis.

I talked a little about this in a previous thread, but Dallas went through something similar recently. In Dallas, they didn’t pass any new ordinances, but began prosecuting lapdancers for public indecency and lewdness. Since the lapdances were in public and involved contact with the sexual organs for sexual arousal and/or gratification, it seemed to fit.

The real reason, though, wasn’t the fact that the DA or City Council were puritans or hated stripping. It was that the homeowners’ associations were pissed because the neighboring stripclubs were driving down their property values, so they started pressuring the City to do something. The City prosecuted stippers for a while (using undercover cops posing as johns, who would get lapdances and then testify about it in court), the strip clubs moved further down the road, and then things went back to normal.

From what I understand (wink, wink), it varies much, even within a city, as far as what you get away with. In one city I won’t mention that “some friends” went to a bachelor party for, it varied from no touching/just looking to strippers reaching down and unzipping peoples pants. And this does not necessarily have anything to do with the laws of the city. It has to do with the club owners and how much the city chooses to enforce the rules.

         Does out and out sex (penis-vagina, unclothed) happen?  No, not in the club.  It may after hours, but not in the club.  That won't stop even with these laws, though.  In fact, the "after hours" outside the club action would probably INCREASE if the laws are changed because the strippers would want to make more money and the patrons would want more action than what is happening inside.   "Dry humping", as it is affectionately known in high school and college?  Yes, that happens.  That is basically the definition of a lap dance.  Again, though, some places there is no touching allowed and you are only seeing a girl dance real close.  Depends on the enforcement of the laws in the area in addition to the actual laws.  I know in the town where I went to college, the law on the books and the action in the club was much different.  

           This is a bad idea, in my opinion.  The strippers will be losing money in the club because, as someone pointed out, its the one on one contacts the girls make that brings in the money.  They make it hard to turn them down when the solicit you for a dance.  There is an unwritten code almost about eye contact, where you should be sitting if you want some action, how you sit, what to tip, etc.  Without direct tipping of the girls, everything is thrown off.  I think they would turn more to straight after hours prostitution to make up the difference.  Or simply bypass the clubs and go straight to the streets.  One thing nice about the clubs is the girls are safe in there.  One false move by a guy and they are out of the club.  The woman are in control on the floor and in no danger of being physically harmed or taken advantage of.  That is not true if they turn to the streets or to after hours action to make up the income gap.  This may in fact increase crime in these areas.  Its almost like legalized prostitution-light the way it is now, but at least the women are safe.