Do Republican campaign signs get stolen too?

Sob! My wings! My wings! Someone took them…

>An article in my today’s Akron Beacon Journal

Actually the thing closest to a single-source comparison in this article said it is the other way around, doesn’t it?

>guy put up … a full-size cutout of George Bush in his yard

Oh, come on! How is that not asking for it? He may as well have left boxing gloves in front of it!

Well, here’sa column from advice columnist Amy Alkon about how someone kept stealing her McCain sign so she constructed a moat of dog feces around it to protect it.

OK yes, but TX isn’t so solidly red this time. McCain’s had a single-digit lead in almost every poll.

3 Arrested in Md. After Political Signs Are Vandalized

Pair arrested after large McCain sign torched in Sellwood yard

OK. That? Is awesome.
I wish I’d been a fly on the-uh-street to watch the aftermath.

According to a story today, they are in St. Charles County, Missouri.

It seems that sign-stealing is a nonpartisan activity.

The story I read this morning was about Obama signs being burned on people’s lawns in St. Charles County (I cannot stress how much I dislike that place).

Here’s another story about someone caught stealing McCain signs.


I’d like to chime in as another formerly youthful sign vandalizer. No political motivation, just bored with friends walking around at 3 in the morning.

In the course of one overnight period in a 10 miles stretch, about 100 McCain/Palin signs were put up along a road near my house.

3 ended up being placed in my yard as well. Those are no longer there as I saw them and then just kind of had a blackout and who knows what ol’ male Sybil did with them.

If signs end up placed on your property by someone and not on the public right-of-way, would they be subject to the whole 9/10ths principle?

Thank God - they didn’t misspell “Obama”, “Biden” or “President”.

Republican Campaign Signs Torched

Posters have to have permission to place signage on your property. If they do it anyway, you can do whatever you like with the signs.

Personally, I would alter them just a bit, and put them back out there. Add a word or two, crude drawing, just enough that the person who put them there would seriously regret it.

Conservative signs were stolen from my neighborhood in the wee hours last night or this morning. Some were McCain/Palin, but all the CA proposition signs are gone.

A quick revisit:

Tonight on the news I saw security camera footage of the same woman pulling up and taking Obama signs at two different locations.

And, Mrs. Napier describes a conversation at her workplace about the high rate of Obama sign thefts. One of them said they thought this was happening because Obama signs were in short supply and hard to get. This got me to wondering: what would be the point of stealing a campaign sign to put it up someplace else?

I still haven’t seen any news stories about Republican signs being stolen around here…

Fun hijinks: if you think your Obama sign is going to be torched, put a wooden crosspiece across the interior of the sign. Then when the paper burns away, voila - burning cross! Then take a picture and send it to the media, claiming that people are burning crosses on the lawns of Obama supporters.

I really need my sense of humor checked.

Purrrfect rubs palms together

I heard about this on Friday:

An Iowa radio host has been encouraging listeners to steal signs and bring them in to the station.