Do they have pork steaks in Europe?

So it’s a rainy Memorial Day weekend, and we’re cooking pork steaks in the kitchen in the frying pan instead of out on the grill, and the talk turns to the pork steak itself. We all agree that the cut of meat known as a “pork steak” was invented in the 1960’s by some unknown enterprising meat cutter, but we do not agree as to whether pork steaks are available in Europe, some of us maintaining that they are a strictly American cut of meat.

So, how about it, all you European Teemsters? Over here, a “pork butt”, when carefully sliced, produces nice meaty pork chops from one end, and rather nasty but cheap “pork steaks”, full of gristle and fat, from the other end. Recognize it?

Here are 2 European sites that mention “pork steak” or “porksteak,” though I can’t guarantee they refer to exactly the same cut you mention.