Do we no longer announce poster name changes?

Was it you?

This reminds me that I’d like to keep username history around for a user in the software… I guess technically it is, since that would be a staff action to rename someone. You can filter for that action in the staff logs.

We document everything we do. All name changes are tracked in a thread in one of our moderator-only forums. We don’t need to go digging through the logs.

We have apparently made 974 name changes since we started tracking them in 2002.

It’s a good idea to track name changes. By default in Discourse you can only change your account name within a few days of signing up.

After 3 days – you’d need a moderator to intervene and change your name for you.

I noted my name change in my profile. I was going to do a sig line, but I thought that might be too annoying.

Is there any reason not to make that a public thread? Name changes aren’t private, are they?

Other information is recorded in that thread which is private.

“I want to change my user name to one that rhymes with my Social Security Number which is…”

Discourse allows sig lines?

I thought I had seen some since the move; maybe it doesn’t.

I don’t think Discourse provides native support for it, but there is a custom plugin that allows for this.

I recall some posters, like Stranger_On_A_Train and Treppenwitz, always sign their posts, but I’m not sure if they’re doing it manually every time or if they use an automated system. If they’re doing it manually, them they have damn good self-discipline.

Slightly different topic, what is that item in your profile image? Some sort of gun/pen hybrid referencing your account name? I’m curious!

I think it’s Scaramanga’s custom pistol from the James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. In the movie, it was assembled from innocuous-looking parts, including a pen.

Right, it’s the iconic Golden Gun from the James Bond film series. Also featured in the classic Nintendo 64 game GoldenEye 007, where it was famed for its “one shot, instant kill” ability, even if you shot the opponent in his toe.