Do you experience emptiness?

Reduce your calorie intake by 50%. You’ll start to feel a distinct inner emptiness!

(That’s a joke; I’m on your side.)

My calorie intake is considerably more then I need – I use it to stifle my depression.

That ain’t wise. “Comfort eating” creates an unhealthy psychological linkage between stimulus (depression) and reward (snacks.) You would be better off trying to de-couple the two.

At very least, if food is to be the reward, try to reward yourself for good behavior – actually getting some chores done, writing a few pages on your term paper, vacuuming the carpet – rather than for bad things – feeling bummed.

Thanks – I will consider it.

But only for three weeks. Then I can continue to obsess about something else.

Used to. In fact I once described my life as oceans of stultifying boredom punctuated by islands of shockingly unexpected danger and hate and antagonism.

Hasn’t been that way for many decades now, though. I figured out how I hook up and stuff :slight_smile:

Śūnyatā? Yes.

Thank you for sharing. Many people experience that.

I feel empty sometimes. Like whenever I zoom out too much.

When I’ve got stuff to do to keep my body moving and my mind stimulated, I don’t feel the need to ponder over"why". It’s almost like I’m a content little robot, but I don’t feel like a robot.

But when I’m tossing and turning in bed late at night, that’s when the empty feeling creeps in. I’m suddenly aware that I’m nothing but robot–one that is just carrying out a few simple programs, without which it would be lost.

I voted “frequently” but it’s not quite the same as the Wiki definition. For me more some depression mixed with a fair bit of “on the outside looking in”

A long, long time ago, I figured out how to draw an imaginary circle of protection around the bed, at night. It’s a “safe zone” where I engage in happy daydreaming and fantasies, in those long minutes before sleep. No worries or concerns are permitted – what possible good do they do? Say I’ve got bills due: worrying about it all night won’t get 'em paid! Daydreaming about wish-granting genies and Hawaiian dancing girls won’t do any good either, but at least it’s fun!

To me, bedtime, before sleep, is “prime time” fantasyland!

I take great comfort in knowing it is next to impossible for anything I accomplish to matter much to anyone besides myself. When I was in my 20s I started a technology company. We had a few dozen employees and had stellar reviews from places like the New York Times and Engadget.

That ended years ago and nobody remembers it or thinks about it. I don’t even think about it anymore. In terms of effect on humanity, it was closer to growing carrots in my backyard than being an influential author like Franz Kafka.

In other words, nobody is ever going to really care what you have achieved in life besides you. Write a novel if that’s what you want to accomplish. Or go plant some carrot seeds. Either way we’re all going to be a blip in history.

I can totally see how that might make someone feel empty, but try to see it for what it really is - liberating. You’re still alive, so you can still go out and achieve whatever you’re capable of and it’s only going to be as important as you make it.

I experience a sense of deep foreboding emptiness when the liquor cabinet is low on bourbon and vodka. Fortunately, most days, my cup runneth over.