Do you just have to accept you're eating the chef's saliva?

People get grossed out by different things. I remember teaching a class of third-graders about photosynthesis. One boy raised his hand. “You mean that if I eat a plant, I’m eating sunshine?” And then the entire class joined in on a very sincere ewww. I was tempted to inform them what meat was, but didn’t. I had a lengthy lesson plan to get through.

But again, on all the shows I’ve seen the judges were not permitted to taste the food if the chef double dipped. They taste the food, it’s true, but they use a clean tasting spoon and they are only allowed to use the spoon once. They always have a set of tasting spoons.

I’ve seen Gordon Ramsey cuss chefs up one side and down the other and tell them they could get shut down by the health department for double dipping on Kitchen Nightmares, and it was already pointed out that someone on Worst Cooks in America had to start over multiple times over that.

While the danger from unhygienic cooks probably isn’t a large one, for those who dismiss it altogether I have two words: Typhoid Mary.

Gross. Can you just pick up a meat thermometer at the store? They’re cheap: $6-10. Then you don’t have to poke people’s steaks and you can get a more accurate reading than you can from the tip of your finger. Besides the internal temp is supposed to be in the 165 range, not the outside.

Now, see, this doesn’t bother me at all. :smiley:

The bright side is the route out of the body doesn’t seem to make spit the issue. From wikipedia

The cases related to her probably increase the whole food handling concern above though. :wink: In her case it seems like there was a regular concern of contaminating food with something that** rhymes with spit.**

If this kind of thing worries you, then never ever send something back to the kitchen and eat it when it comes back warmed up or whatever.

My understanding from these cooking shows is that when you’re poking a steak, you’re checking for doneness by feel (i.e., firmness), not temperature.

Most of the time on Chopped they seem to use the tasting spoon once and then set it aside. But yes, there was that time the guy double-dipped, they warned him, and he double-dipped again the next round. When they told him, he honestly looked like he had no idea he did it. To me, that meant he does it all the time in his restaurant and doesn’t think anything of it. And he can’t be the only one.

I’m feeling for how pliant the meat is, not temp.

ETA: yep, what Dewey said.

Do you guys remember that contestant on Hell’s Kitchen that sweated into the pasta sauce? “Eh, I’m a sweaty guy. shrug Fuggedaboudit.”

Heh heh.

Heh heh heh.

It’s worse than that! Virtually all the food you eat has DNA in it, and it’s not disclosed in the label!!

Oh yeah, the “blood vinaigrette” episode. shudder

My peak cooking experience was when my place hosted a guy named Michel Roth, who was chef de cuisine at the Ritz in Paris at the time. Spent three days with him as his shadow/dogsbody. Dude would actually run his fingers through the saute pan and taste for salt, never seen the like. Point being that the higher-end the food is, the more fingers and such have been on it.

Really great guy. Had almost no English. Would disappear for an hour and a half in the middle of the day with a bottle of wine. Told me I was a good worker and invited me to work for him at the Ritz. Unfortunately I was just about done with cooking at that time, if he had asked me a few years earlier…

In actuality the reason I didn’t go is because I am a very fear-based individual and the very thought paralyzed me. One of my many regrets.

This thread is gross.

The other day I sat down with a big bowl of pasta and red sauce with a tall glass of milk. With out me noticing, Ninja Cat hops up on the table and gets a couple of laps of my milk before I noticed and was I was able to shoo him away.

I debated all of two seconds if I should pour it out before I came to the conclusion I’ve probably had waaay worse at dining establishments.

?? When I’m cooking a soup that needs to be adjusted for taste, I taste using a teaspoon and take it all, then rise the spoon. There’s nothing to put back.