Do you know any Holocaust deniers? What kind of person are they?

I would think that if anyone would be in a position to attest to the Holocaust, it would be those who were in the camps and could see how many people came and went. But beyond that, isn’t that view completely self-contradictory? I mean, if someone’s attitude is “you can’t trust him, he was in a concentration camp”, he’s basically admitting that there were concentration camps. Does he think they were spas?


Pardon me? In what alternate universe are you living? I am an American. I live in Germany now. I’ve been here since 1988. My wife IS German. My kids are in school here. This is the first I’ve heard of kids in school being taught any such twaddle.

There are still some scum around who hate jews and who would love for “a little hitler” to come back and “straighten outh the country,” but those are exceptions rather than the rule. There are on going debates as to whether or not to out right forbid a political party (the NPD) which propagates many nazi ideals.

My wife has lived here all her life, and has never heard of such crap being taught in the schools.

As an American, most likely west Germany. He’d have had a bitch of time getting permission to live in east Germany as an American during the cold war.

Not comedians, no. There’s only a couple who are worth the time it takes to watch them, and a whole lot of wannabe funnies who are just embarassing to watch.

Huh? (German; went to school in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein 1969-1982 - but apparently that was in the mirror universe)

Then you don’t know a lot about the Poles’ long history with Jews. Their history with Hitler was a 6-year drop in a big bucket by comparison.

I was taught how to use Photoshop and Illustrator at Åsö Vuxengymnasium by this guy:

He missed the last two lessons of my Illustrator course so he could go to that conference in 2006.

He was weird. Very socially awkward, but he never showed any his political views in class.

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bluejean, I lived in the USA before the wall came down and believe it or not, we students were taught in school that there would be folks who lived in Germany (before the Wall fell) who would post on a message board proclaiming that Holocaust was all fabricated and untrue; and that their country did not perform any of the atrocities protrayed by who else but the good ol’ U.S.A.!

Well… This isn’t about the Jews, Hitler killed a lot of Catholic/Communist Poles in the deathcamps too. Even Jew-hating Poles wouldn’t have forgiven Hitler just because of their shared bigotry.

I guess he’s trying to do some lulz :smiley:

For Snow Pea (and others):

Here is the background on one Holocaust “denier.”
It’s a series of stories beginning in the 1950s, listed by decade, and titled
A Personal History of Moral Decay.

I thought it was illegal in Germany to deny the Holocaust? I mean isn’t neo-Nazi stuff outlawed?

You miss my point completely. To state it outright - Someone could hate Germany but still think they should excuse the Holocaust because they have cultural prejudices.

I know as many Holocaust deniers as I know over-zealous Jews who believe anything that isn’t pro-Jew is anti-Semite. Kinda like the African Americans who think if you fire them, its simply because they are black and couldn’t possibly be because they sucked at their jobs.

My sad realization in life: in any racial argument, there are usually as many people at fault on one side as on the other. It may not be the case at all times (such as during the Holocaust itself), but eventually the numbers balance out and the wronged party begins to wrong innocents. Though not usually in the same way they/their ancestors were wronged initially. Perfect example is what many Jews did to Palestinians during the late 1940s, early 50s, and to varying degrees are still doing today.

WAG: The guy will say they claim they were in a camp, and are therefore part of the conspiracy. Or it was just a temporary resettlement camp, not a “death camp.” Or they were known conspirators at the time, being held for their crimes against the state. And so on.