Do you think the Monday New York Times crossword is easy l?

Have you tried the Club 72 crosswords by Tim Croce? They’re at approximately the same difficulty level as the Saturday Stumper.

I like the app. It’s subscription based, but gives you access to I believe all the Will Shortz puzzles (just checked and archive goes back to 1993.) I have not had any issues with the app, and I can start a puzzle on my iPad, move to my desktop, and finish it on the phone if I wanted to seemlessly. I can’t even imagine what the cremember moldings about it could be. I find it intuitive and stable.

I had to check this, as I was wondering what the mixed reviews could be about. On my iPad App Store, it has a 4.9/5 rating, with over 60K ratings, which is about as high as you’ll ever see.

OK, I have no idea what phrase meaning “mixed reviews” got auto-corrected into “cremember moldings,” but that or a similar phrase is what is supposed to be in its place. (ETA: Ah, I believe the word I was trying to type was “complaints.”)

Thanks. I was wondering what the covfefe that was supposed to mean.

I started doing the NYT puzzle via the app almost a year ago. I find the Monday and Tuesday puzzles enjoyably easy. I sometimes get hung up on Thursday–I think those would be easier on paper, especially when there are multiple letters in the same cell.

My only complaint is that I have to wear reading glasses to do the Sunday puzzle on my phone.

I’m terrible at crossword puzzles. Partly it’s that I am not much into popular culture so that when a question involves a rock group or TV show I am at a loss. My wife does the puzzle every day, after I do the Ken-kens. But I usually looked at the puzzle and filled in a few clues. Until maybe a year ago when on one Monday, I realized I got the whole thing. Now I do the Monday every week and usually the Tuesday as well. I often get pretty far on Wednesday, but Thursday is always a gimmick and I never get anywhere with that.

Yesterday’s 6 x 6 Ken-ken was the hardest I have ever completed. Today’s was trivial by comparison. The 4 x 4 is always easy.

At the Google play store, there were quite a few people who felt the interface was poor enough to ruin it for them. I have no idea if it’s accurate. But I’m running out of Shortyz puzzles to do, so will probably bite the bullet soon.

Perhaps the Android app isn’t as nicely designed. It does seem to be less highly rated at 4.2/5, with a more significant amount of one star reviews, whereas the iOS version is almost all four- and five-star reviews, with a tiny blip at one.

Thanks for pointing me to these. They’re really challenging. Looks like I’ve got 500 or so new puzzles to do.