Doctor Who: 60th Anniversary special

Doctor Who: 60th Anniversary special is going to be incredible.

Russel T Davies is on board. David Tennant and Catherine Tate reprise their roles. It’s a dream project for Doctor Who fans.

Neil Patrick Harris will play the Doctor’s new enemy. He’s a very accomplished actor.

I really hope this special will focus only on David Tennant’s Doctor and assistant. The 50th Special brought back several of them. It was ok, but it lacked focus. The story needed the focus of a single protagonist.

Fingers crossed that Bernard Cribbins can come back as Catherine Tates dad. Bernard is 93. He voiced a Jungle Book podcast series in the last couple years.

Seems like yesterday that I posted about the 50th. It seems incredible the 60th is coming next year.

He was seen on set at the same time David Tenant was. He’s almost certainly back.

Also, he played Donna’s grandfather (on her mother’s side), not her father.

I would like to see that. Hopefully 60th can live up to the 50th special.

I’m curious how they’ll get around Donna’s memory wipe. The Doctor said her memories of the Tardis could drive her insane or kill her. (I can’t remember which). She had obtained the Doctors knowledge and it overwhelmed her.

I’m sure Russell will find a clever solution.

Doctor Who vs Doctor How(ser).

The season with David and Catherine is by far my favorite Doctor Who. Catherine was so amazing. She was primarily known for comic skits on her tv show.

David has been very busy since Doctor Who. He had another series, Broadchurch. He’s played psychopathic villains in different projects. I’m surprised David found time to return to Doctor Who.


It’s been ten years. I had forgotten Wilfred was the grandad.

I’m going to see if that season is available on Amazon Prime. It would be worth a few bucks an episode to stream. Or I may buy the used season dvd’s on Ebay.

Do we know which Doctor David is playing?

He did play the 10th Doctor.

I guess that won’t change in the 60th Special?

But anything is possible in Doctor Who.

Rumour ahead. Learned from a fairly solid source on a Doctor Who message board, but not 100% certain. Great big spoiler if true. Read at your peril.

Jodie will regenerate into David. Thus he will be the 14th Doctor. There will be a mystery as to why he is back. And then he regenerates into Ncuti Gatwa who will be the Fifteenth Doctor.

It’s a shame David is probably leaving after the 60th Special. But he’s extremely busy. He avoided the normal typecasting of former actors that played Doctor Who.

What typecasting?

Typecasting happens in a lot of successful shows. Shatner will always be Captain Kirk. It’ll be in the headlines when he dies. He’s done a lot of other good work. But it took a decade after Trek to get TJ Hooker.

I’ve seen footage of the Who actors at public events on Doctor Who Confidential. The crowds were enormous. The attention is challenging for any actor that accepts the role. Doctor Who is seen in several countries. David has used that fame to launch a very busy career.

Article includes links to actors seen on set.

The actors loyalty to Russell is noteworthy. Season 4 is well represented. Reuniting a cast a decade later isn’t easy. Luckily, Russell has a Tardis.

Probably not.

I haven’t found out if filming was completed on the special. I’d enjoy seeing him one last time.

Bernard was an unusually versatile actor. He has performed everything from Shakespeare to childrens specials. Comedy was his forte.

He is in it. Here he is on set. There are more pictures of him with David Tenant.

Uh, that is about an episode filmed in 2009.

Wrong link, then. My bad.

Here he is, in a wheel chair about half way down.