Does a car manufacturer HAVE to deal with Unions?

It wasn’t UAW, but the union that tried to get my office to join got a bunch of people pissed off as well. A union rep went to one of my co-workers homes unannounced, twice. She was already against the idea but that just settled it.

That’s awesome news, actually.

A valid number *should *consider what the cost will be to pay a worker’s future retirement pension and medical benefits. Not taking that into account is a big part of why today’s mess exists. As a general rule of thumb, wages/salary are about 2/3 the cost of hiring a regular employee with benefits. Some benefits packages are richer than others, some employment situations create greater worker’s comp or unemployment insurance risks. It’s not hard to picture the auto workers getting more than average on the non-cash side of the comp scale.

I’m sorry, but this plan sounds … inconceivable. :smiley: