Does Anyone Else Sing To Their Pet?

Pug dog puppies,
hold them in your lap.
Pug dog puppies,
they hardly ever yap.
Pug dog puppies,
you can kiss their little black face.
But don’t you use retin-A, those wrinkles won’t erase!

Pug dog puppies,
look like little whales.
Pug dog puppies,
with curly little tails.
Pug dog puppies,
of love they have no lack.
For every pound of love you give, they’ll give you ten pounds back.
= = = =

Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and retirement parties.

Well, yes, juicy like a plump, round, butter-basted turkey. And chewy too. Just all-around yummy and tasty.

One of my other kitties has a sweet peppermint scent to her fuzzy furry face. But she’s spicy too. Whaddya think of that, huh?

Did I mention how much I love my babies?

I sing to my dog all the time. His name is Sonney, so I often sing, “You are my Sonney, my only Sonney.” And so forth. What an odd coincidence…

We have one cat named Noel…yes, I sing that song to her…
Noel Noel…
Noel Noel
Here is the kitty her name is Noel…

I’m dreaming of a White kitty…
Just like the ones I have at home…

(We have two white ones, Noel, and Misty-who is a Turkish Angora, and Fluffy, the gray tabby)

yes i sing to doggie most of the songs are ad libed but i’m not the only one, my grandmother sings to him too in japanese of all languages… he seems to like that better than french…

Yes, I often sing to my dog Abercrombie and my cat Fitch (no joke), and my OTHER cat Moses J. Crew. I figure if they don’t put their heads to the ground and cover their ears with their paws, it must be ok.

NEEEErrrr…Farrrrr, where-EEEEEVer you aaaarrre, I beeeeleeeeeve that the heaaaaaart duzzzz gowwww AHHHHHn…

WOOF WOOF! :eek:

My dog is profoundly grateful for this thread, and very appreciative that there are so many Animal Supporters out there.

Mostly I ad-lib to my woofer, bits and tags that fit the moment. Keeping in mind I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, the standby is belting out “Baby Face”, substituting “furry face”.

FURRR-ry face, you’ve got the cutest little FURRR-ry face…! (Does anyone know how to reglaze windows?)

When we go for a walk, and she’s prancing along, head up, ears perked and capering along: Theeere she goes just a-walking down the street, singing doo-wap-a-ditty-ditty…

She’s the calmest dog in the world, and usually just curls up and watches me bumble around. But if I turn and look at her, she crouches, head down, tail wagging low in her “lurking puppies of the Seregetti” mode. That’s the cue to play, with background music ripped off from the *“in the jungle, the quiet jungle, the woofer sleeps tonight…!”

Okay, it doesn’t really fit, but stalking and romping around a kitchen it’s a lot of fun. She LOVES the “weema-whoppa-weema” part.

This is an old song that probably won’t ring any bells with most folks. My father used to play an old glass record of “Buttons and Bows” because his father enjoyed it. It’s a silly, happy song celebrating attractiveness.

Since my dog is by far the most beautiful, silky, funny dog in the world, it’s only fitting I croon it to her when cuddling. Actually w/ 4 white paws, a white “racing stripe” down the tummy and one tiny patch of white on her chin she’s highly decorative. So she glories in patting me w/ her “white gloves” while I warble “Buttons and Bows” to her.

We’re a pack of two.


i used to sing my cat, Gossamer, to sleep every night. She is no longer with us. Now I sing to my ferret once in a while. What does one sing to a ferret, why Pop Goes the Weasel, of course.


I don’t sing to my cat Machavelli because that would be a punishment for him. :frowning: But we do dance around the house together. I put on the music and we dance and dance and dance!!! :cool:

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to love something, somebody so unreservadly? Pets are really blessings. Don’t freak out now, I promise that I do not belong to the Church of the Nazerene although I went as a child;freaky let me tell you.

But my cat Charlie Butt really is my best friend after my husband Juss Butt.

I sing to my cat all the time - mostly I sing along to mp3s and pick the cat up and rock him around. Tori Amos’ “Crucify” and Nena’s “99 Luftballoons” are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Oh, and the Pet Shop Boys’ “In the Night.” (“Zazou, whatcha gonna do?/There’s a lot of people gunning for you/Zazou, comment allez-vous?/A knock on the door in the night.”) That’s where I got his name from.

My mom likes to sing “Rosie cat! Roooosie cat!” (to the tune of “Jesus Christ Superstar”) at her cat.

Well everyone knows what a pet lover I am, but I must say that you all are a bunch of FRIUT LOOPS! I love my cats more than life itself, and I do talk a lot to them, but I do NOT sing to them!

And, ahh…not only are MY cats the most beautimous cats on the face of the earth, they also save other cat’s lives. Three times a year, each of my cats (except Annie, because she is too skinny) donates blood to the hospital I work at. I just had my sweet Cherokee in to donate on Thursday, and on Friday his blood was already being used on a poor, anemic kitty.

So there. :slight_smile:

Yeah, yeah, yeah Michi…

We all know the truth is you would sing to your cats but they would probably run out of the house with their paws to their ears screaming!! They love you and all, but everyone has their limits.

TVeblen, I think “Buttons ‘N’ Bows” comes from the musical (movie?) “Annie Get Your Gun.” I think that is the title–Doris Day, maybe?

Hmmm… How shall I phrase this?

NO Definately not.

I don’t usually sing to my cat. No, I yell at her in French to get off my desk. But when I do sing to her, I sing a song that was on Eeek a long time ago. It’s really bouncy and almost has a softshoe tempo.

What a wonderful day (da da da da)
For bein’ a cat! (da da da da!)
Starin’ at things that aren’t really there,
What could be better than that?

It’s pretty true about all cats in general, isn’t it?