Does anyone remember sonic booms?

Early 60’s, Wisconsin. I remember them being pretty commonplace, at least one summer… We kids thought they were cool. “Hey, the glass in all the windows is shaking! Awwwwesome!”

Did they complain about the earthquake? So typical of the the Bernois… :grin:

I was going to say the same thing for Switzerland. I haven’t heard anything too recently, but a few years ago I remember several sonic booms over the Jura.

SFO exactly fits what I’ve been seeing. I never considered tires/brakes. Thanks.

An earthquake that didn’t happen was blamed on a sonic boom yesterday morning in southern New England. I assume the sonic boom didn’t happen either, nor did anything else. But it was being talked about for a while.

Sure, I heard them all the time in Central Illinois when I was growing up in the 70s.

Still hear them from time to time (once or twice per year) in Southeast Missouri. I’m in a sparsely-populated rural area, and there’s an Air Force Base ~100 miles from here, so I imagine it’s military craft flying overhead at >Mach 1 where they can get away with it.

The FFA hit Oklahoma City with 1,250 progressively louder sonic booms for the first six months of 1964; mainly to see how much people would complain. At first there was not many complaints, but as it went on day after day and got louder and louder; the complaints significantly increased (over 15,000 in total) and testing was cut short.
It has been cited as one of the chief reasons why government cut off funding for an American Supersonic passenger plane.

Yeah, when they had to divert to China Lake or whatever, I could hear the sonic boom from the space shuttle. It was a distinct two boom sound and I would double check to see that the shuttle had landed in California.