Does anyone use "temblor" in spoken communication?

Yes, but then I’m a geologist working with geologists and geophysicists.

Yeah, I need to figure out how to turn nested quoting back on. That was in reference to the lack of use on CNN or BBC.

I used to work with a guy who used newsspeak in everyday conversation. It was very weird.

Perhaps you’d be willing to share some inside scoop then. What’s the technical significance of the term? What are the extra nuances it conveys to your fellow professionals, etc?

As a word hound, where would I be right in using it? I’d like to avoid committing a clueless fux pax (as we *literati * so often say).

Tryin’ to think, here. If a sizeable one hit L.A., after the first few mentions, what would I try to come up with?

Jolt. 'Quake. “Event.” Generic “sucker”. Shake.

Can’t say “temblor” would come up, but we’d sure know what was being named if that word was used.

But then, the weather forecasters love the term “El Niño” more than comes up in casual conversation - me, I’m darned tired of it, even when valid.