Does capsaicin INJURE (not cause pain to) mammals?

Wow, that was… um… What was that?

I kept waiting for the link to www. miraclecapsaicincureall .com or something, but wondered if insulting people was a good marketing strategy.

I miss him already.

I’d just like to say, on behalf of the members, in light of keintabak’s joining (at full price) and banning a mere three posts later, “Thanks for the $14.95!”

Obligatory, “I burned my vagina” story. :smiley:

I feel somewhat honored that I got the longest rage paragraph. The jokes on him though, I’m published. That (sort of) makes me a scientist.

Actually, to set the record straight on this comment for casual perusers of this thread and board, it’s a reference to a current GQ thread about someone finding an “eyeball” in his watermelon, so not “clearly a stereotypical african-american joke”

At least yours was accidental, Dogzilla. He proudly boasted he did it to his family jewels TWICE! …and shit.

Speaking of loonies, is the “and shit” guy still around? What was his name again?

Is in and banned in three posts a record? For paid membership? Disregarding obvious bots, trolls, sock puppets, etc? Any interesting user names worth searching?

Super Kapowzler. He’s still around.

And shit.

He was right on this count: there was no lasting permanent damage.

That said, I don’t eat pepper jam anymore. I still make it and sell it, but whenever someone offers it to me, I shudder and politely decline. :wink:

Two of those posts were identical, one being accidentally posted in the wrong thread. So practically speaking, it was just the two posts in this thread.

I haven’t ruled out him being the middle one …

“Antisocial” is my first choice, though. Occam’s Razor and all that.

So minus a little cut for Marley23 and TBTB that comes to about $2.00 each for those of us who were honored to be called out in his suicide-by-mod rant. Not too bad for a days work.

If he and his lab assistant Juanito want to make any scientific advances in their field at all, when seeking peer review they really should learn to let cooler heads prevail. :smack:

Aw. Darn. If he hadn’t gone all insulty, this could have been way more fun.

One of the best zombie resurrections, ever.

Milk douche. The casein in the milk binds the capsaicin and relieves the symptoms quickly.

QtM, who has been called on to treat capsaicin burns in a lot of odd places.

Bagel-dog with jalapenos? :smiley:

Oh yeah, well the OP disagreed! I’m honestly not sure what to believe now. I mean, who should I trust? A long-time poster and respected prison doctor, or a stranger who pours jalapeño sauce onto his testicles?

Heck, I had one patient try to use capsaicin cream (used to treat neuralgia) as a masturbation lubricant. If only poor Mr. Bagel Dog penis had done that instead, he would have been happier.

The literature reports patients have mistaken their capsaicin cream for their hemorrhoid cream. :eek:


I find myself wanting to make some sort of South Park zombie joke but unfortunately that was Worcestershire sauce, not hot sauce.

Band name!

Or, maybe not.