Does management plan at any time to admonish saucywench?

I reported this poster twice yesterday for abusive name calling inappropriate for MPSIMS but there has been no checking of saucywench’s behaviour. Does that mean we can bring Pit practices there? Because if we can I have a bone to pick with Beckdawrek. :wink:


Keep in mind I know where you are, Mikey.

That was interesting! but Ms saucy was outnmbered and fended off attack quickly. I didn’t pick up on abusive name calling?

I certainly hope so. I hated to think that I would stop being the center of attention. I really love being the center of attention. I need it awfully and I really love people who talk about me all the time in all the forums.

It feels so wonderful to be an Internet star. Please don’t abandon me.

Ms Saucy was clearly displaying jerkish behavior. IMHO

Mods are badly understaffed at this moment, and it’s the weekend. I’m sure they’ll get to it in time.

This should be bookmarked for the next time someone thinks it’s suspicious that Trump bashing in GQ isn’t modded fast enough.


Give us a break, willya? :smack: As has been pointed out, we are extremely short-handed at the moment, its the weekend, and forum mods are not on 24/7. We’ve also been having board problems. The snark is not warranted. You know perfectly well such posts are unacceptable and will be moderated once a mod can get to them. How about giving us the benefit of the doubt?:dubious:

To others: Please do be patient if your thread report is not attended to immediately. We do try to get to everything as soon as we can.

Since the poster in question has been banned, I’m closing this.

After discussion, she has been suspended for one week rather than banned.

And it also simplifies matters immensely that Charlie Wayne admits that he’s trolling. We’d been debating that.