Does this Star Wars story exist?

Is there any story in the Star Wars EU about what happened when the Rebels reached the rendezvous point after evacuating Hoth and realized Luke, Leia and Han were missing?

Not to my knowledge. I read the books faithfully for many years. I can’t think of any “name” characters that would be at such a rendezvous for anyone to write about.

What about Wedge?

 We are talking about a universe where there are back stories for every character in the cantina. Somehow, I'm surprised there isn't.

and Cliff Clavin!

True, and I did forget about Wedge. Also, technically, Dash Rendar was there. Would possibly have been interesting if Steve Perry had touched on this during Shadows of the Empire. OTOH, maybe nothing interesting happened. They met up on another planet, set up camp, and waited.

Is it ever actually stated, in any format, that they rendezvoused on a planet? Because I was thinking about this the other day while watching RotJ. It seemed to me that the rendezvous point was some predetermined coordinates in space. Perhaps the Rebellion felt if they kept moving, they’d be a more difficult target for the Empire. Of course, if that were the case, they’d be using a lot a fuel very quickly, so I guess they probably did have a planet in mind somewhere.

As for the majority of the rebels saying “hey! Where the heck are Luke, Chewie, and Leia?” They probably knew about the plan to rescue Han, so they probably weren’t surprised.

Seems likely to me. When they finally catch up with the fleet at the end of Empire, they’re still a fleet, not a planetary base. Same when they get back from Jabba’s palace in RotJ. Perhaps by that time, they’d gotten enough support that they could import fuel from friendly governments to keep them on the move, and not tie themselves down to any one easily wiped out location like Hoth or Yavin’s moon.

But Han wasn’t in trouble when they escaped from Hoth. Or am I missing something in your post?

These are the kind of tales I wish were addressed in fanfilms, instead of the Jedi in the Forest motif that dominated them.

Fan films seem to have dried up somewhat lately, mostly due to Star Wars falling out of favour after the prequels. Shame.

:smack: Okay - how about this then: The SW universe has their equivalent of ST’s encrypted subspace transmissions, so Luke sent word that he had “an errand to run”, and when Han headed for [Cloud City], he let the Alliance know his ship was in trouble and that he’d be late ‘to the party’. Subsequently, once Luke’s hand healed (or his prosthetic was all rehabbed) he and Leia let TPTB know of their plan to save Han. Better? :slight_smile:

Just checked the Star Wars Timeline Gold. Nope, no story. Lots of side stories happening concurrently with Empire, but not that particular one. But now I know more about Dengar than I ever needed to, so, you know, that’s a plus.

I’m pretty sure that the Ragtag Rebel Fleet spent the time jumping to hyperspace one step ahead of the machine-like Imperial fleet, hoping to find places to get more water, algae food, rocket fuel, and crazy prophecies. Duh.

The reason Luke could find them after all the crazy jumps was because his last name is Starbucker!

And, having just caught bits of ESB while channel flicking the other night, why didn’t the snow speeders attack the walkers from behind, where they didn’t have any guns?

I think they had no idea what the plan was until luke came up with the harpoon tactic. Regardless if the walkers had no rear weapons, the speeders had no penetration power with what they did have. Probable doctrine would have been for the Y or X wings to take on the walkers with the snow speeders attacking the lighter stuff.

Then Darth shows up and everything goes to the dogs.


I was always under the impression that the snow speeders were pretty much a suicide mission. It was hoped that the empire forces would take the time to shoot at them, giving the base time to evacuate.

I’m pretty sure the rendezvous point was where we saw Luke, Leia, Lando, and Chewie at the end of ESB. So, it’s just a point in space, and from the view we saw out the window, it was a ways outside the galaxy, since we were looking at it from the outside.


Except they keep flying straight into the walkers guns and getting blown away after they’ve discovered they can’t hurt them.

Military tactics in SW are pretty bad, all around.

I would have said “a joke” but I guess “bad” will do.

Yeah but I would blame that on George lucas for not really having a clue about mil tactics.

big honkin Ion Cannon on the base for attacking star destroyers

Lots of air support that goes somewhere else when the party starts

No mine fields, No Tiger traps , nothing that the grunts could use to take on a ATAT

But great for dramatic cinema