Donald Trump is America's worst mass murderer

Right, and I should add that that led to a bigger deficit in almost all states, caused in great part by the excessive costs in the efforts of getting that PPE. When you see Trump telling congress to not send economic aid to the states now…

Well, I just think about the people that will die (not just because of corona) when states will be forced to make cuts in their health care and other programs that are related to the well-being of the people. Point here is that I do think that more people will have to be added to Trump’s deadly count.

Actually some US presidents started wars that killed millions so Trump doesn’t win that award yet.

Six months

I’d add LBJ and Nixon for Vietnam.

No, it isn’t. He INTENTIONALLY withheld federal distribution of PPE, forcing states to bid against each other for equipment; this caused the infection rate to increase. He INTENTIONALLY downplayed the risk (later admitting this) in his speeches, along with downplaying mask use. Had he come out at the beginning and told his followers that wearing a mask was the patriotic thing to do, we would have far fewer infections in the US, meaning far fewer deaths. No, Trump didn’t hold anyone down and FORCE the virus into them, but he held many maskless superspreader events posing as rallys. And these are the most OBVIOUS ways he increased the death toll.

I wonder what the medical result of the latest super-spreader event will be, some of those zombies will have been carriers - the event that the Trump faced one egged on