Donating very lightly used bras -- yea or nay?


Washing either gets things clean, or it doesn’t. Even bras.

Second hand bras are a good way to try out other styles to see if you’ll like them, before buying. For people who are changing weights it’s also good. Bras are not cheap, as you’ve no doubt noticed.

They can?!? Do thrift stores actually accept used skivvies?

This organization gives donated bras to
homeless shelters
job-readiness programs
domestic violence shelters
residential facilities for recovering addicts
Native American communities
communities in Kenya, Mali and Zimbabwe
many other organizations and social services professionals who serve women

Definitely donate.
I’m more interested in whether or not it’s Drain Bead or her husband that is anti-donation. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Drain Bead is the one who hesitates to donate them (although if I went by how she wrote the OP, I’d say she’s the one that’s pro).

I just can’t see a guy getting squicked out or really having an opinion about donated bras, is why.

Yes, they do. Count your blessings if you can afford to splurge on brand new underwear!

I occasionally visit a Goodwill in a very upscale neighborhood. The lingerie rack is always full of very fancy bras in new or almost-new condition, and they are in great demand.

Done - blessings duly counted.

Donate. Goodwill will accept them. If you or anyone else in the Washington, D.C. area and would like to donate to my organization (501©(3)) non-profit. We would be happy to pass on whatever items you do not need and provide you with a tax receipt! Many thanks!