Dopers, how do you deal with canker sores?

Daily doses of acidophilus. Zilactin. And I hear that sauerkraut juice is effective too; push the spoon down on the sauerkraut, collect the juice, and use it like mouthwash.

I use Vitamin B and Lysine (pills and ointment) for prevention and treatment of all mouth problems. Works for me.


Vitamin B multi vitamins (B6 and B12) really, really help me.

And brushing my teeth often during an attack.

And drinking a cup of tea, and holding the tea in my mouth to bathe the ulcer, as hot as I can stand it, four or five times a day really helps with the pain. A friend told me it was the tannin in tea that helps, but it might be the warmth, too. Either way, it’s cheap, and non-dangerous!