Downloadable Music Catalogues - [offer your recomendations]

Napster, Rhapsody, Itunes, Yahoo Music-- everywhere! These are the services that pop up rather quickly when youre first starting to search for an online music catalogue. So I am turning to you members for a little bit of help.

Sooooo, whaddya think I should get?
What Id like is a well rounded catalogue of genres to access (from beethoven to the kills) , unlimited downloads, and of course the cheapest price. I have an ipod so i need a service that offers an appropriate format- mp3, wma, aac, or whatever other file types that can be converted to make it happy.

Do any of you use any of these services and have any comments on them? (or lead me to a thread thats covered this) Are there any others I should know about?

thenk yoo

The only thing stopping iTunes from being digital crack for me is the lack of Japanese imported soundtracks, due to licensing restrictions. My wallet will rue the day Apple can work out an international distribution deal like they have with Chinese Sino-pop artists.