Dozens injured in Waukesha, WI at Christmas parade [update: 6 dead, over 40 injured]

I’ve a hunch that maybe there were one or two specific people in the parade that he had some sort of grudge against, and was aiming for them, and considered all of the other people he was hitting irrelevant.

The difference in these two men and their outlook on life is so unsettling.

Piggybacking on that …

That man really put his life into his hands by letting him into his house, even though he didn’t know what the guy had done.

Back in the day, my mother grew up in a house near a railroad track, and men who rode the rails would sometimes stop at their house and ask for food. Grandma would make eggs, toast, and coffee, and bacon if they had any to spare, and offer them a cigarette, but she would never, ever let them into the house, even if Grandpa and her brothers were there.

I really hope Waukesha continues the Christmas parade. Maybe have a special 2022 float for the survivors and tribute for the victims.

I linked earlier to the Oklahoma State University Homecoming parade tragedy in 2015. They have carried on the tradition. Probably with increased security.

Only before conviction? Or after too?

A lot of them are between convictions. I get a lot of return customers. They must like the service.