DrDeth read some fantasy books. He's very proud of it. It's probably his biggest accomplishment.

Blasphemy! You must like and praise what I like and praise or else you are the enemy!

I don’t read Game of Thrones and I don’t watch Game of Thrones.
So now both of you can look down on me.
(I’m such a saint, impressive isn’t it)

I get that people ‘in the know’ what to flaunt it like they’re in on some super special secret, but spoilers are just dumb as shit in any thread. Don’t ruin a work in the title, something no one can avoid, but otherwise any person with a twitching ganglia can discern what is acceptable and what to expect before clicking on the header.

" I liked movie X, is movie Y going to be something I enjoy?"

“OMG! I just cannot believe what happened last night on TV show Z!”

Dr. Deth is the biggest idiot on this board, and that is saying something.

I’ll not sing either DrDeth’s or the OP’s praises, but DD is not even close to the biggest idiot on this board. He might not even be in the top 50.

i’m standing right here!!

“I’ve fanwanked to the books so many times, my penis is hamburger. TV sucks.”

You’re welcome.

That hasn’t been my experience.

I feel like I miss out on a whole soap opera on this board by mostly reading just the content of posts, and only occasionally glancing at the poster’s name, usually when the post contents compel me to. (Inner monologue: “…yeah, yeah, this guy’s making sense, good argument, goo–WHOA!! Too far, man…”)

I’ll find a way to cope.

I do the same for the most part. There are very few posters whose constant style and tone make their posts easily identifiable without looking at the author. Both the OP and the subject of the OP fit that bill.

DrDeath has managed to ooze onto my personal “dumbass” radar for posting a lot of insanely whiny passive-aggressive shit lately.

SenorBeef remains in the vast category of “wait…I think I’ve maybe seen that name before?” that contains all but a couple of dozen of you.

Thank-you! That makes so much more sense!!

The OP is so fucking mad.

I didn’t really mean that as an insult. The books are fine. The story and the world are fine and even interesting as far as fantasy books go. The writing is very workmanlike and adequate. My point is that you wouldn’t mistake GRRM’s writing to be great literature. You’re right, I probably underestimated it, given how much published material is worthless bodice rippers and such. But it’s nowhere near being an example of the best of its media, nor is it a great intellectual work that enlightens the mind. It’s not the sort of thing you would be proud to have read because it proves you to be among the intellectual elite or something.

I wrote a treatise on a guy who thinks the source of his intellectual superiority is having read some fantasy novels, and who can’t fucking shut up about it. Regardless of any GoT baggage (and I agree, that matter is settled and won fortunately), it’s an inherently mockable attitude.

This is the first time I’ve brought it up outside of the threads he started. He’s been a giant douche for 5 years now, and I never pitted him for it, and only brought it up in the very same threads he was using to boast about how smart he was for reading these books and how dumb anyone who hadn’t read the books were. I don’t bring it up in the GoT threads themselves, nor stalk the guy around other threads, nor take potshots at him. This is the first time in all that time that I went out of my way to bring him up. And only because he’s still at it, after all these years - still at his extremely stupid and obnoxious idea that he’s smarter than everyone else who didn’t read this particular work.

Meh, he’s just a typical cismale.

Well, shit. I had a free weekend coming up and was really looking forward to reading the SDMB Game of Thrones threads starting at season one. I wanted to go in fresh, not knowing which poster is most likely to point out deviations from the books, who most consistently beats everyone else at starting individual episode threads, and who claims to be giving up on the series only to return the next season.

I clicked into this thread expecting to read someone making fun of someone else’s taste in literature. Instead, I got what is probably the best plot-twist in the whole series of threads ruined. Thanks a lot, SenorBeef.

This is my experience, the pissy little bitch seems to have popped up out of nowhere.

Biggest? Meh. I would describe his idiocy as fine. Very workmanlike and adequate.

This is my feeling exactly. His incessant whining in the SHIELD threads has managed to make me sympathetic towards Skye. I also now refer to Gonzales as Adama in my head while watching the show. That annoys me.

Oh - it’s on now.

Kirk’s Enterprise never ran aground.

<Drops mike. Walks away.>

Count me amongst people who think that the books aren’t great. They’re better that most fantasy published (which is, frankly, a low bar. Even though I enjoy fantasy in theory, I quitted reading it many years ago because of the multitude of poor fantasy books being published) in that he departs from the usual cliches of the genre.

But IMO, they aren’t well constructed. To begin with almost half the material in them should be cut down. And I find the TV serie vastly superior to the books. Yes, there are a number of things/characters absent from the serie that I miss. And now that the TV producers are taking much more liberties with the storyline and characters, I’m afraid that it might be detrimental, because the overall frame of the story is good and I don’t trust them to use their freedom wisely. I think they need this frame to keep them from gravitating towards things assumed to play better with the public, but likely to be in fact detrimental to the story.

However, I still think the show is excellent in many ways, which the book isn’t. If it was up to me, Martin would just conceive the overall storyline, events, athmosphere, etc… and let someone else in charge of actually writing the books (besides, this way, maybe they would actually be written someday). Fortunately, this is exactly what happens with the show. So far, for the benefit of the viewers (book readers or not) IMO.