Drivers are becoming more assholic

I encounter this constantly on my route back from the grocery store, and (pre-inflation) always told myself that next time I’ll keep the eggs out on the seat next to me.

Don’t waste good eggs on a loser.

Bad eggs work better.

Hard to enforce traffic laws for an already short handed police force to have it’s budget significantly cut.

Well, considering how often police departments (and their insurance) keep paying out multi-million dollar lawsuits for criminal activities well outside of reasonable doubt (and so many more that they coast on), and their budgets for milspec gear, it’s no surprising budgets are tight!

[ yes, somewhat unfair, but far too truthful - and that’s leaving out how much of said budgets are pointed at high profile / rich areas, while ignoring the most needy areas ]

Back to the OP specifically though (and yes, I know it’s the Pit) and @Omar_Little’s comment, why am I not surprised that Red Light Cameras, which -should- reduce assholic behavior are instead just seen as money generators? I mean, why pay cops to do it, when you can just have a camera collect your fines for you?

People don’t know how wide their cars are.

Every day I watch people trying to get through a gap that is plenty wide enough for them, get their front wheels and hood through, then stop and wait for the car in front of them to move, like they think the back half of their Accord is somehow wider than the front half. Morons.

And then there’s people who literally pull over on residential streets when there’s a car coming the other way. Really? See that crack running down the center of the street? If you stay on your side the crack, and the other car stays on their side, you’re not going to collide. This is kindergarten level special awareness.

I’m going to call out our neighborhood as an exception. It was built back when most people didn’t have cars, and the cars they had were narrow. Now there is not enough room for one travel lane in each direction and parking on both sides of the street because cars are wider. No one wants to ask for a no parking zone, though, so we kind of do-si-do into gaps in the street parking to get past each other.

Neighborhood folks know how it’s done. Folks cutting through from the arterial street are the reason we now have speed bumps.

I live on a narrow street, too. We have to do the do-si-do also. Thing is, my street was constructed when people didn’t park on the street. I don’t know about cars being narrower then. I believe everyone parked in the garage or driveway.
Were cars narrower in the 1940’s/50’s? Doesn’t seem like it.

Some of those streets pre-date cars; some were meant for horse & buggy and one way.
If you think I’m fibbing, there’s a certain neighborhood near Georgetown I dare you to visit. You’ll wish you bought a Prius.

We have narrow streets in my neighborhood, so narrow that there is barely room for cars to pass each other if people park on one side of the street. So wisely, there are no parking signs all across one side of the street to ensure people can actually drive on it (people are allowed to park on the other side).

And assholes park right next to those no parking signs constantly.

We do have parking enforcement so I’m sure folks are getting ticketed but still. So fucking stupid.

I’ve become what I call a “right-laner” the past year and I’m lovin’ it. I always figured the right lane is more busy because of exits/entrances. But, no. The left lanes are much worse. Now, I just coast along. I hardly notice if it makes my commute longer.

Drivers are becoming more assholic

That has been the case since the second time anybody drove something.

Ooh, ooh, ooh! How about my favorite dumbass driver, the one who’s ambling along on a 35 mph surface street until he comes to the on-ramp for the highway, and thinks: “Oh, this is the exit I need! I’ll just saunter on down it at 35, just like I was doing…dum de dum dum…oh, jinkies! The cars on the interstate are going about 30 mph faster, and I can’t safely merge! Oh, if only there were a stretch of road I could have used to accelerate to highway speeds before I entered traffic!”


[sits back to await the inevitable comment about my username]

Oh yeah, that asshole forcing everyone behind them to also merge at a recklessly slow speed and risk lives.

Someone should chain weights to their feet and then sick dogs on them. Not dogs that will actually bite (I’m not suggesting a person actually get maimed for this) but dogs that charge, bark, and act aggressive to scare the shit out of them.

“Oh, you don’t like being forced to move too slow to avoid danger?”

“But I’ll only be a minute!”

So I’ll stop until I can.

When I’m in Denver I drive on a few of those. I don’t think cars are bigger, that’s for sure. Just more of them. A family that might have two cars, has three or four.

Have you driven in the southern part of Federal? It seems like you can’t help but sideswipe the car next to you with how narrow they’ve made the lanes.

Not in a long time. My stomping grounds where more SE Denver. Around Washington Park. Now that my mother has passed on, I don’t go to Denver as much.

A couple of weeks ago US 285 (that’s what I use to get to Denver) closed for 14 hours. Five cars side swiped by a semi. One person killed. Pretty sure it was bad brakes. I feel sorry for the truck drivers though if the company won’t keep up on proper maintenance. Not sure if that was the case in this situation or not…

In my neighborhood, the sidewalks were installed in the early 1920s. You can tell by looking at the driveways, that driveways weren’t installed then. Driveways were installed by individual house owners one by one, as needed. The connections to the curbs were obviously hacked in and no two driveways are alike.

So, mostly, the street was installed when most people didn’t have gas-powered vehicles.