Dropped the Dove Soap down the toilet--how to dissolveP

What I’m trying just now myself (a shower clog - too much hair running down the drain - but that’s another problem) is some stuff I got from the local ‘natural foods’ grocery. Says it works by bacterial action. Says it will take awhile, like overnight. Any comments?

Yes, but you have to sleep with the toilet under your pillow. Believe me, it’s really awkward when your married.

This is why they tell you not to drop the soap in prison.

Just dump a whole bunch of bacon grease down the toilet. The soap will bind to the grease, and it’ll get rid of the soap in no time. Next up: How to remove bacon grease from bathroom pipes?


This wouldn’t have been an issue if you used Ivory soap. Before somebody asks, Ivory soap floats. I bet they don’t list it as one advantage of using their floating soap though.

Air line tubing and an aquarium pump should dissolve the soap. Think of all the pretty bubbles that will be all over the floor. :smiley:

Pine cones and light bulbs? Ha! When I was younger I would have been GLAD to pick that stuff out of the toilet. My dad used to flush live bears and used cars down the toilet, and we, the kids, had to try and get it out. He did it every day, and it took us FOUR days to get one thing out. We had no tools to use, and dad had broken our arms, so we had to use our teeth!

Bears and Cars? I would have been happy to fish bears and cars out of our toilet. WHen I was two, my dad flushed the Queen Mary down the toilet three nights running, broke my arms, and made me fish it out. Then I had to clean t’ toilet with me tongue, before getting up for work at Sunset at the crack of dawn to work in the toilet paper recycling plant.

Ah you had it lucky. At least you had a toilet. When I was a kid we had to go to the toilet in the middle of the Freeway, without a torch!..but when you try to tell kids things these days, they just don’t believe you!

You Americans seem to have seriously complicated toilets. All this “Wax Ring” business seems really OTT.

Our toilet bowls take around 5~10 minutes to remove and replacement is a simple reversal of removal. In most cases you don’t need to turn off the water, although it is advisable, just in case.

Close-coupled toilets take a bit longer as the cistern has to come out too, but even then it is only a 15 minute job. These usually have a service valve in the supply pipe, just below the cistern, so you can shut off the water there and leave the rest of the house unaffected.

Never a particularly pleasant job as removal is invariably due to something horrible stuck in the tubes :frowning: but better unpleasant and simple than unpleasant and difficult.

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Think you had it bad?

If you have ever seen a length of pipe clogged by soap that was made when someone used drain cleaner with lye on a grease clog, you would change that tune quickly. It looked like black-green cement and smelled horrible.

Do not use drain cleaners ever. I would recommend heated vinegar to remove soap.