Drug Prevention Education in School

Start a thread about these isssues. I guarantee that someone’ll show up and say that these things’re a waste of money as well.
Write your Congressmen and ask’em where the studies are. The study that I cited was commisioned by the GAO.

That may be the single most absurd statement I’ve ever read on this board.

Unless you have some actual substance to your allegation that public schooling is abusive, you might consider not insulting the majority of parents and declaring the majority of people unworthy of reproducing all in one breath.

  1. Read Paul Goodman’s “Growing Up Absurd.”
  2. Consider that it is the home-schooled who are winning the nation’s spelling, geography, physics and math bees. Have you ever participated in such a contest?
  3. Consider that it costs over $12,000 to mis-educate a kid in a 9-month period in Washington D.C., and almost that in the other states. Think what we could do to 'em if we spent $16,000 and had 'em for another three months!
  4. You will wake up when you realize that all the high-tech jobs have left Amerika and gone to India, where the young folks can at least speak good English!
  5. Trying to enlighten a product of the public school system on the evils of the public school system is an exercise in futility.
  6. Kids will grow up OK in spite of their parents and the public schools, so I don’t worry a whole lot, except that the gummint steals thousands of dollars from me every year to finance the attempted perversion of the nation’s youth.
  7. There are loads of libertarians and fundamentalists who agree with this thesis. We may get to see the results of a real experiment once the Free State Project (www.freestateproject.com) gets off the ground in NH. One of the first things we will do is toss out public “education” and all its tax consequences!

Man, I just wrote a hugely long refutation of jimbino’s argument point by point. But it got eaten! Argh!

I’m not going to rewrite the whole thing, but I’ll just add one thing.

His post was about the least convincing argument I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve encountered a lot of bad ones.