Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat To Fraternities

It has become rather common for drunk people to fall from frat house windows. The threat is liability for such incidents.

Sometimes the typo is better than the intended word. :smiley:

Also, color me surprised that MIT offers degrees in theology.

The ghost of Sigmund Freud is grateful that at least one of his theories hasn’t been discarded :slight_smile:

The same story to which I’d obliquely referred in post #6. My WAG is that Black kids are more likely to have learned to handle their high by college age than white kids.

Honestly, that was the only part of the article that I had any issues with. Saying you shouldn’t have sex with women who are so drunk that they are at risk of falling out of the window because they might falsely accuse you of rape is pretty skeevy, because having sex with women who are so drunk that they are at risk of falling out of windows probably is rape.

I was referring only to the words I quoted:

Not because you’re afraid of a false accusation, because it’s just plain wrong. It’s wrong to have sex with people (of either sex) who are impaired and cannot give consent.

Nitpick. Professional bartenders are liable because they are professionals. Expected to see the signs of intoxication and refuse to serve someone more booze.

Social host liability is what you are looking at for frats. AFAIK, New Jersey is the only state which imposes liability on social hosts for serving alcohol to an intoxicated person. Most (all?) states impose that obligation on bartenders in the form of dram shop laws.

  1. It’s perfectly possible to have a person, drunk or sober, in your bedroom, and not have sex. I’ve had women (drunk and sober) in my bedroom before, and not had sex with them. I’ve even had women spend the night semi-clothed in my bed before and not had sex with them. Having someone come to your bedroom, or even lay in your bed, with some or all of their clothes off, is not a licence to have sex with them.

  2. As far as I know, being drunk (per se) doesn’t make you incapable of giving sexual consent, you need to be sufficiently drunk so as not to understand the “fact, nature, extent” etc. of sexual activity. Having had a bunch of drinks and becoming more carefree/less inhibited than you would be otherwise, doesn’t make you incapable of consenting to sex. (Correct me if I’m wrong).

To be honest (speaking as an ex frat guy), more often than one might think.

Some aren’t. In my younger party days, plenty of women made themselves really really drunk by trying to prove how they could go drink for drink with the guys. Well, unfortunately body mass and chemistry don’t care how cool you think you are.

“Female guests” really are a double edged sword. A lot of them do show up to get drunk, do drugs and hook up. But it’s very easy for a 115 lb girl to drink way to much and become that crazy girl we’ve all seen at the bar or a party that becomes a nightmare to safely kick out. Throwing up, stumbling around, breaking shit, screaming, fighting with anyone who tries to control her for her own safety. Now multiply that by an entire sorority of 30 women where a quarter of them are trying to impress the other three quarters with how hard they can party.