Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon

LOL is a hard site to navigate, but I enjoy reading the “Jamie-isms.” Sigh.

I’ve had it on pre-order for ages. Can’t wait! I love Claire’s medical tunnel-vision – there’s bullets and blades flying all around and she’s running over “Oh, Jimmy’s got a compound fracture of the right tibia and where’s my penicillin??”. Cracks me up everytime.

Amazon says it’s shipping soon! I skimmed through *Voyager *and *Drums *yesterday, but I’m going to read some nice hard science fiction for the next couple of days to clear my palate.

I was hoping to finish Voyager before Echo arrived, but it doesn’t look like it. So it will be shelved for a bit while I wallow in the new story.

hmmm … my pre-order still stays “not yet shipped” with an estimated ship date of 9/28! Of course, I did choose SuperSaver Shipping, so … I may be behind the curve in getting mine. sigh

I’ve had my copy on pre-order for months too. I was going to re-read A Breath of Snow and Ashes, I guess it would be too late to start now. I think I remember most of what happended so I’ll only go over the last few chapters. I think Amazon was going to start shipping on 9/28. I can’t wait.

I thought Amazon shipped books to arrive the same date as publication? Didn’t they do that with Harry Potter?

I don’t think my copy has been shipped yet…the option to “track my shipment” isn’t there, which I guess means it’s still sitting in some warehouse.

Why isn’t she as big a household name as Nora Roberts or Danielle Steele? Her books are much MUCH better. But, they are a bit on the sci-fi side…maybe they’re in their own little niche.

Yah, I know they did with HP … so I was thinking they’d do the same with Echo. As I said, I DID choose SuperSaver, so that may be a factor. Plus, they often ship things before the “ship by” date on the order, they give themselves a little wiggle room. So, we’ll see. I’m not anxious … Even if they ship to me on the 28th, that’ll still be way earlier than I’ve gotten any of the previous books.

It’s been shipped! It left Kentucky yesterday afternoon! (Meanwhile, back at Voyager, Claire is about to escape the Porpoise.)

Well I’ve been moved to “shipping soon!”

ivylass, say hello to Father Fogden, Mamacita, and Arabella for me. :smiley:

Will do…I even have some sangria at the house!!

Was just crusing DG’s blog … hadn’t been there in a long time … here’s an excerpt from a recent post:

Also, from another post it looks like the Outlander graphic novel is finished.

She’s also said in the past that after the Jamie/Claire saga is done she wants to write a book about Jamie’s parents. That would be a hoot.

My copy is IN MY HANDS. Y’all excuse me for awhile.

Oh, squeee! AHunter3, at least give us the first paragraph! Or the forward! Or a Jamie-ism.

There’s a graphic novel?

Roger Mac’s parents and Jamie’s parents…how wonderful. May Jamie and Claire live forever.

As long as she finishes Lord John and the Scottish Prisoner first. :slight_smile:

There’s an anthology edited by Martin due out in March called Warriors. Gabaldon has a Lord John story in that collection. There are several authors I like listed there, so I’m looking forward to it.

I don’t like graphic novels very much. I want words, not pictures.

Yeah, I think that’s the next up on deck.

oooh, but this will be a story within the Outlander timeline, but not just a graphic retelling of existing text. From what I saw on these videos of her talk at DragonCon, it seems to be parts of O from Murtaugh’s point of view. Could be very cool.

My copy arrived, all crisp and lovely, yesterday! But we have a long road trip Saturday, and I’m being good and saving it for then. Then I can ignore the four teenagers in the van, pop in my ipod earbuds and devour the book. :smiley:

Mine is still in transit. But, Fergus and Marsali are married and Claire just bought a slave to stop a riot.

“Can’t get married without a cock!”

But Marsali has two hands, so that’s a plus.