Economics of electric vehicles

I drove across IN last week; stopped at two rest stops on the Turnpike. One had 8 Tesla charges & two for other EVs while the second only had 8 Tesla chargers. Until all the other manufacturers change over to Tesla plugs it’s much harder to do a trip in anything but a Tesla. The question is what happens to an existing EV once that change happens; will they be able to get an adapter to use Tesla chargers or are they effectively dead vehicles for anywhere but home charging in a couple of years?

is the most annoying vehicle ever. One has driven down our street a few times (I think it’s a neighbor’s friend/relative because I haven’t seen it parked at night). Put it this way; nails on a chalkboard, meh. The sound they put into that thing so you know it’s coming - awful!!! I’ve never heard another car sound that bad, including random beaters w/o a muffler or with a bad belt.

Adaptor. Incidentally, my Tesla came with an adapter for the alternate plug type which I’ve never used.

Our friend has a Rav4 hybrid and it makes that noise all the time as well. I’m glad Tesla’s only make a noise when backing up and not all the time going forward. I don’t understand why some EVs make it going forward? Is it something that can be disabled? Whirrrrr-rrrrrr

It’s for pedestrian safety. I think Tesla makes the sound when under 20 mph. Perhaps other cars have a higher threshold.

I don’t think my Tesla makes any noise going forward, even when creeping. I’ve driven plenty with the windows down and don’t hear it. I hear it backing up though.

EVs are quieter than ICEs because there’s no motor running; I’m presuming it’s intentionally put there so that peds & cyclists can hear a car coming. However, modern ICEs are fairly quiet & all vehicles have noise from tires rolling (are EV tires quieter than ICE ones; I know I can still hear 'em coming?)

It’s just that the Lyriq is a different sound that any other EV that I’ve heard; not sure if it’s volume, pitch, or just a different sound, & extremely annoying sound, I want to start carrying a banana-clipped AK to disable it.

I just read the Wiki on this topic and it is a requirement below 19MPH. I checked my owners manual and I should have this sound available, but it can be turned off. I’m not around the car to check, but you must be able to permanently disable on a Tesla as I’ve only heard it while backing up. I’ll report back later.

To me it’s very similar to Toyota’s noise and doesn’t bother me. Better than beeping (or farting, in Tesla’s case) and it’s only below 21 mph. But you do you. It is not AFAIK changeable or disableable.

It was mandated in the US as of September 2020 that all EVs/hybrids make noise when their speed is under 19 mph. Maybe your Tesla is older?

  1. I’ll check tonight if it is disabled. My hearing is going and maybe it’s a lot worse than I thought. :wink:

I just did a search at a Tesla forum and others say their Tesla doesn’t make the noise going forward and then others reply that it is very quiet compared to the backup noise and can only be heard from within the car if you have the windows down and are in a garage or something along those lines. They say it is more of a “fan” noise. So, maybe mine does make a noise but it is just very quiet. I’ll test.

Since it’s a mandatory safety feature I’d be shocked if it was possible to disable it.

Agree. I just stepped outside and checked my car and didn’t see a way to do it

For a while, it was possible on some Tesla models to suppress the “Pedestrian Warning Speaker” sounds via the “Boombox” feature. The NHTSA made them do a recall to ensure the PWS always operates properly while the vehicle is moving.

I must not notice it because it isn’t loud like the reverse noise. I’ll test tonight.

The minimum required noise level is 43 dB, which isn’t very loud.

50 dB: Quiet suburb, conversation at home. Large electrical transformers at 100 feet.
44 dB: Bird calls
40 dB: Library, lowest limit of urban ambient sound

And for higher-pitched sound, it is more directional so it makes sense if you can’t hear it from inside the car unless it’s reflected.

I can now confirm that our Tesla DOES make a noise when going forward at low speeds. It is very quiet and sounds like a fan running.

That has been my experience as a ped around Teslas.

When a Tesla approaches you in e.g. a parking lot you hear what sounds like the electric radiator fans on an ICE car. Which, on modern ICE cars at low speed and idle RPM is often the loudest noise they make too. At least to their forward hemicircle.

In this way the Tesla noise very effectively signals “a car is sneaking up behind / alongside you”. That’s certainly more effective than some other weirdball noise we’d all have to subconsciously learn means “That’s some flavor of EV sneaking up on me.”

It always reminds me of the sound of a golf cart. Makes sense. Both electric.

Yes, good description and I think a big reason why I didn’t think our car actually produced a “fake” noise. I thought it was an electric fan running. I guarantee @Spiderman wouldn’t be bothered by it since it is barely audible.

I’m now curious what noise a Lyric makes. @Tride ?