Election Day [Week] 2020 follow-along thread

As stage exits go Donald Trump’s departure was something of a whimper, the US President leaving the top table of global G20 leaders to play golf.

Trump has been out of kilter with the global mood since he first took office preaching his “America first, fair, not free trade” brand of nationalist isolationist hubris.

Now, as his time in office draws to a close, despite his refusal to publicly accept the reality of the US election results, the combined unspoken message from the world’s leaders is: don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

The virtual summit for leaders of the world’s richest nations is being hosted by Saudi Arabia. Its stated aim is to pull countries together to combat Covid-19, accelerate testing, treatment and vaccines for all, while helping poor nations cope with the pandemic’s economic impact.

Evidence of the shifting attitude toward the outgoing US administration came from the lips of Saudi’s Minister of Investment, Khalid al-Falih. “When the world needed leadership [to combat Covid-19] there was none,” he said. The G20 had stepped up because some nations “turned inwards towards nationalism.” Al-Falih didn’t mention Trump by name. He didn’t need to; his audience understood.

Gorsuch has signaled (along with Roberts) that he aint trumps bum boy. Kavanaugh certainly is, of course.

I don’t understand this. Why still tip-toeing around? NAME the bastard! Saudi Arabia has nothing to fear from Donnie’s base, do they.

Because diplomacy still exists in the world. Trump’s schoolyard taunting and name-calling may have greatly embarrassed the US and alienated its allies, but it hasn’t changed the nature of international diplomacy.

I shoulda used that (non-existent) sarcasm tag, I see… I meant it as a joke. :slight_smile:

ETA: I do think you’re right, though. He’ll definitely have a rally.

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Trump’s team is distancing themselves from her. “She’s not our lawyer.”

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I’ll wildly hazard to guess that Al-Falih wants to do the ole soft-shoe in order to keep cozy enough relations for providing safe harbour for 45 cents’ impending “vacation”.

Yes, they can:

Because, God forbid and saints preserve us, he could be President again on Jan. 20, 2025.

Aye; that what I think he’ll do too.

One Republican is rumored to be voting no to the vote certification tomorrow in Michigan.

We don’t know what the other Republican is going to do, but the last two Republican governors(Engler and Snyder) are adamant the vote should be certified.

I predict it is a 2-2 tie and goes to the Supreme Court of Michigan, which remains Republican until Jan 1. I have no idea what will occur from there. They could order it certified(the right move) or do something else.

All of this is a ploy just to make it seem like the vote is in doubt. Biden won by 150,000 votes in Michigan. In 2016, the Dems certified the 13,000 vote win by Trump immediately.

He might leave behind some old junk that he doesn’t want. But I expect he’ll take everything that matters to him.

Along with, possibly, the spoons (the White House may still have silver ones.)

In this particular case, if it were one of the Supremes, I’d think it would be grounds for impeachment. I doubt any of them would do it. Vote in his favor in a court case if they could come up with some remotely plausible argument, maybe. Swear him in as President when he’s clearly lost the election – nope. Not gonna happen.

There’s a reason for those lifetime terms – and it’s that once in office, they don’t have to obey any politician.

I think the goal here may be to get the governor to replace him. But she is too smart to do that. There is nothing to fear in the courts.

They also don’t have to obey the teeming millions of voters either when they run for re-election.

Except there is the 60-something lady named Sidney I previously mentioned. And the actress Sidney Bush of Little House on the Prairie fame, born in 1970. But I admit it may be the Scream character that has made it a more popular choice for girls.

There was a Sydney in my high school class of ‘71.

Poor Baron. At least he can play with Biden’s dogs. (Which are Nazi dogs, as the Repubs will point out.)

I worked with a female Sidney (she would have been around 19 or 20 at the time) in 1977 at summer camp in Western Massachusetts. I was startled by her name but thought, “oh, I didn’t know Sidney could be a girl’s name. I guess I was wrong!”

More than 2 decades later I worked with a lot of Australians and concluded, perhaps erroneously, that “Sidney” was a name like “Leslie” or “Frances” - generally gender-specific in one direction in the US (female in these cases), but often androgynous or assigned to the other sex in other English-speaking countries. (Though there is a spelling distinction for “Frances/Francis” as I understand it - the former is female and the latter is male.)

I’ve known some female Leslie-s, but never a male Lesley. And my own name, Robyn, is (almost) universally female, except for one famous person (in Aus), our own Robyn Williams, long time presenter of The Science Show on our national broadcaster. Robyn’s a bloke.

Lots of female Robins of course. And the Frances/Francis distinction is common.

What time is this Michigan certification vote?