Elmo's Christmas Countdown

Did anyone else watch this special on ABC last night? A cute special with the familiar Sesame Street characters and some guest stars. Typical Muppets- cute characters, with humor all can enjoy- some just generally silly, some edgy (“Even Elmo didn’t believe that there was a snowball’s chance in…” “Hey! This is family programming!”) The basic plot involved Elmo helping a clumsy elf voiced by Ben Stiller fix the Christmas Counter Downer, a machine which counts down to Santa’s arrival. But it was basically just a wraparound for some sketches- some catchy songs (a new version of Oscar’s “I Hate Christmas,” Big Bird singing “I Want A Snuffleupagus For Christmas”) and some funny sketches- the most amusing of which were The Count singing “I Saw Three Ships” and adding ships, much to Ty Pennington’s disappointment, and Bert and Ernie directing Steve Schrippa and Tony Sirico in a Christmas-themed version of the “banana in your ear” sketch.