Erasing data off of a CD?

Hey now, don’t be making assumptions! I am a 100% lady!

Would an iron do anything? Maybe with a moist cloth over it, to prevent scarring? Would that level of heat screw with the organic dyes? Just a thought. I really have no idea.

Pardon me, ma’am. The lady is definitely up to something. That better? :stuck_out_tongue:

[sub]So, spill it already. What’s the skinny?[/sub]

      • Jeez people, if you want to microwave CD’s, don’t go ruining your own disks. That’s what the free AOL CD’s at Wal Mart are for.

And they make really good drink coasters.

Note the OP is not talking about CD-Rs but regular CDs. They have a metalic (usually aluminum) layer and no dyes (except for labels).

I’m still waiting for an explanation as to why one would want to do this…

Well, from the way roadkiller phrased her OP, I suspect she is trying to damage the CD for a game of some type. I further suspect that someone in the roadkiller household is either playing the game too much or is playing a game that she does not approve of. Of course, if the game were to suddenly “stop working” then the problem is solved…

Sadly, I find this not to be true. It’s cute joke, but as coasters, they tend to scratch my coffee table.

I’ve never noticed a problem with that. Then again, I’ve got cheap batchelor apartment furniture, which was chosen for price and durability, not looks.

Even so, if you do find you have a problem with scratches, a trip to any local arts&crafts retailer can provide lots of options for cushioning a nuked CD for use as a coaster.

Now that’s just too freaky. You figured out my evil plan. But please tell me, is it so much to ask someone to cut down their internet game playing time to oh, say, 4 hours a day instead of 9!? Obviously it is. I can’t just take the thing away, you know.

There you go! I think you nailed it, tanstaafl. I suspect her significant other is the intended victim, eh?

Everquest has destroyed more house holds.

In that case, just microwave the game console for a second or two. That’s all it takes to destroy it with no exernal signs of damage :smiley: