Eutychus55 takes on a Corporate Behemoth

Ooh, that sort of thing drives me nuts, too. Reminds me of when those people started painting clothes on classic paintings and sculptures and stuff.

(sorry can’t remember the details. No blood in brain today, all in uterus. baby is growing hands!)

Anyhoo, tomorrow when I get my brain working again, I’ll be sure to mail off a well thought out letter expressing my disapproval. I’ll also be sure to mention that we’re taking the little one to Warner Bros Studio instead of EuroDisney next month…it’s more because we can’t afford EuroDisney, but they don’t have to know that. :wink:

It probably won’t help much because I don’t get many visitors on my home page, but I put your banner up with a link to your site, Euty. I’ll try to find time to write a letter, too.

Well, all I can say is “give 'em hell, Euty.”

<< bump >>

And the URL is?

::tapping foot::

So this doesn’t look too gratuitously like a bump, here is a
link that works.