Events in the last decade

The DC Beltway sniper

The New Orleans Saints won a Super Bowl!—Bestest Thing Ever!

Concorde Crash

Trying to think of what would have been most shocking to tell someone on June 10, 2000 (that hasn’t been mentioned yet in the thread):
The Boston Red Sox won a World Series!

And then they did it again!

Michael Jackson died of a drug overdose at age 50.

The vice president shot a guy in the face.

The governor of Illinois sold the vacant senate seat when that black guy got elected president. We’re pretty sure, anyway.

Everyone has already forgotten about H1N1? I’m *still *heading radio commercials reminding me that it’s not too late for it to track me down and kill me…
OK, forget I said anything…I see now that “Swine flu” = “H1N1”. Sorry, I’m 42 and “Swine flu” to me refers to the 1976 outbreak that nearly did us all in…

2005 Pakistan earthquake
2003 Bam earthquake

Apparently a good decade for natural disasters…

2001 Gujarat earthquake
2008 Myanmar cyclone

2006 North Korean nuclear test
2008 Kosovo declares independence
2008 Sichuan earthquake

The Sichuan earthquake, which killed about 70,000 and injured nearly 350,000.


The California recall election and subsequent election of the Governator.

California so broke they’re sending out IOU’s for tax returns
Death of half the Polish Government in a plane crash
Hanging Chads
The Euro
The amazing pictures from the Mars Rover
Large Hadron Collider is built and fails to do function for any sustanined amount of time (also fails to destroy the earth)

Chandra Levy, the big story that was all over the papers when 9/11 happened.

Re. the duct tape scare: The “duct and cover” (ha!) scare was in early 2003, when Homeland Security raised the threat level to orange and warned of possible nuclear, chemical, and/or biological attacks. Everybody was making jokes about it, but I recall seeing several news stories about people who had actually wrapped their homes, and sales of duct tape apparently spiked.

In Israel shortly afterward, three people died in their home because they’d sealed it off with duct tape in case of Iraqi chemical attack and were running a coal-fueled heater in there.

No disrespect to Chandra’s memory or to her family, but I completely forgot about that one until this very moment. Condit must have been glad to get knocked off the front pages.

I remember someone saying, just a few days after 9/11, that Gary Condit must have been the only person who felt ambivalent about the attacks.

By the way, just last year a guy–not Gary Condit–was arrested and charged with her murder. He’s set for trial in October of this year. Condit apparently had nothing to do with Levy’s disappearance.

On the subject of “significant events of the past decade,” Jimmie Johnson’s four consecutive NASCAR championshop titles (and counting) are historic. No one’s won four consecutive championships in a major US pro sport since the Boston Celtics in 1959-1966, AFAIK. If NASCAR didn’t have the redneck connotations it’s got, Jimmie Johnson would be mentioned in the same breath with Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan.

“Abe Vigoda is still alive?”

The other big stories in the summer of 2001 were shark attacks and stem cells.

No, it’s not actually. Everyone else was 31.

Thanks for the reply.

Same-sex marriage legalized in several countries and U.S. states (the most recent are Portugal and Iceland, the latter in the last day or two).

In Canada, the sponsorship scandal and election of the Conservative government.

Random stuff:

Capture of the BTK Killer
The Beltway Sniper
Chinese school stabbings
Bush’s Election and Re-election
Rise in naval disasters, including piracy
Reality TV, in particular the train wreck that was the Anna Nicole show
Catholic priest pedophiles