Ever been shipped something based on search alone?

I’m going with this theory. By default Amazon wish lists are searchable by the public, ostensibly so you can see if your friends and family have wish lists on Amazon, and if so you can buy them a gift from said list.

I could see someone at XYZ Realty deciding this year instead of sending out calendars to all their customers, they would search to see if they had wish lists on Amazon, and send them the cheapest thing on their list as long as it’s below some price limit. It wouldn’t surprise me if there was software that will just go through their contact list and do that automatically. So if your friend was just using the wish list to keep track of the ice cube trays he was considering, or just added them by mistake, the realty might have seen that and sent them to him. (And if your friend has never done business with XYZ Realty before, maybe he just has a similar name to someone who has).

Yeah, I was wondering this. Does OP’s friend have, or has ever had, any dealings with XYZ Realty? Or has OP’s friend done any real estate related internet searches? It’s hard to imagine that searching for ice cube trays would attract any attention from a realty company. But if OP’s friend is doing any on-line realty research, that could have attracted that attention. Then if they could also discover his ice cube search, they could connect the dots.

Stranger things have happened.