Ever met someonw with your birthday?

Classmate of mine in elementary school. She seemed to think this formed a special bond. I thought little girls had cooties.

Yes, a bloke I know only as King Oil, his nickname.

I’m born on my mothers birthday - but several years apart of course.

Yep. I was just a kid and thought it was really special. He was a grown-up, and kind of a jerk about it.

If your particular yearly intake at school had 50 people in it then it is pretty much a certainly that there were at least two people sharing exactly the same birthday.

Of course whether that was you or not is another matter entirely. (but I guess very simply it’d be a 1 in 25 chance that you were one of the two people)

Yes. Many years ago I was in a class for work and another female classmate shared my birthday and year. FWIW that may be the date I stopped believing in horoscopes and Zodiac signs. :smack: We were nothing alike.


Yes, my father in law and my uncles wife , father in law is long gone but the uncles wife lives on so we have fun with birthday cards. The same uncle’s birthday was one day after both his wife’s and my birthdays. He was exactly 10 years older than me, and about 20 years older than his wife.

There was a guy who played for the Browns who had the same birthdate as me. I didn’t know until halfway through his final season with the team, otherwise I may have tried to meet him at a fan convention or something.

Best I can do is follow him on Twitter now.

Same year? No…same day? Yes - my current SO and I share our birthday

One of the guys that I went to high school with shared a birthday with me. We still send each other birthday greetings via Facebook.

No, not the same year, nor the same day.

I’ve known people born on the same day as my parents and other relatives, but not me. When I taught I would get a list of names and birthdates, but none was the same as mine. I think that’s sort of odd.

Yeah, it’s pointless at this point. I think most of us know of, or have met, multiple people who share our birthdays, but it is much more rare to know someone who was born on the same day and same year. Unfortunately, most people didn’t bother to read the OP.

I never have, but my son was born an hour after his friend, two rooms down in the hospital.

One of my best friends. We met at work, and were amazed by the coincidence. Probably it helped the friendship - we can have joint birthday parties!

At school there was a girl in my class with the same birthday too, we were good friends. I’ve always shared my birthday with a chum, and I really like it!

I share my BD with Larry Bird. I’ve never met him but my husband went to Indiana State with him.

One of my good friends from high school (who I’m still in touch with, all these years later) has a birthday one day before mine – same year.

My wife, Pepper Mill, has a birthday ten days before mine. Also the same year (cradle-robber!)

The three of us used to get together to go out and celebrate our mutual birthdays, but my friend now lives on the other coast.

One of my managers. Her first day, we needed to figure out which of the rest of us would have to work the day after Thanksgiving.

Manager: Bonus points if you remember that that’s my birthday.
Me: That shouldn’t be difficult…

I had to work on my birthday.

Also share my birthday with Amy Grant, but I’ve never met her.

The parents of a friend of mine share the same birthday. Same year and same date. Guess what date they chose for their wedding? Makes it easier to remember I guess

I have a cousin who was born the same day as me; she’s about 12 hours older.

Three of my friend’s nieces gave birth on the same day so there is another set of cousins out there with a ready answer to this question :slight_smile:

The first woman I got engaged to (month, day, year). It didn’t work out.