Expose of CEO Shane Smith of Vice Magazine cheating, scamming & not paying reporters

True, but being stiffed like that, I’m guessing freelancers probably assume that Vice is just a crappy client and they’ve written them off. Freelancers don’t have to write for Vice. Maybe the writer is trying to make a point and hoping that others follow suit. If the allegations are true, it’s disappointing because Vice occasionally has interesting stuff.

…you read the response from VICE I posted, didn’t you?

The only defense VICE presents towards the allegations in the CJR article are that some of the allegations may have happened a year or two ago. So the CJR made some allegations: VICE acknowledged them, accepted that they happened and are now working to fix the problems. At this stage how is anyone questioning the veracity of the original story?

That’s pretty depressing. It’s perhaps even more disappointing that the person writing the response was Ta-Nehisi Coates, someone whose writing is incredible, and someone for whom i have a great deal of respect. I sympathize with some of his points, but as someone who’s been an Atlantic subscriber for quite a few years now, i subscribe partly because i want to support good writing, and i hoped and assumed that the magazine had not gone down the same “Work for exposure” route as the Huffington Post and so many other “new media” outlets.

Thanks for that link I did not realize things had gone that far down the rabbit hole with respect to the institutional devaluation of content creators.