Exxon On The Run turns down money

You should be. You have much to learn from sven.

To hear her tell it, everybod

Nah. Too snarky.

I hate it when I don’t get my free stuff for free. I am entitled to free ounces of craptastic soda that kills me.

So many retards in this thread.

OP rightly, and justly, complains of bait and switch false advertising. Meanwhile all the retards come running in to try to insult the OP to try to feel better about themselves.

It hit 100 degrees today. Not salty, dry piss in the dust Arizona 100 degrees. Great Lakes area, so fucking humid, you’re being steam cooked alive in your own savory juices 100 degrees. I don’t know where the OP lives but if it’s anything like we’re getting, then 12 extra ounces of cold, refreshing, soda would be fucking divine in the heat.

Did you post in the wrong thread? The OP is about a store using bait and switch, and not honoring its advertisements.

Would it make a difference to you if it were diet? And one sitting can be over an hour of driving down the road.

For a non-USer, is it correct that 44oz is around 1.3L? If so, I am equally gobsmacked, that seems like a tremendous amount. Now admittedly I’m a small female, but the most I think I could get through in an hour is around about 500ml, which is roughly what the standard drink bottles are here. More than an hour, and I would have thought it would be too warm and flat?

That depends:

And it’s that whole silliness which brings me to this impassioned plea:

Dear Americans,

Could you please move to a volume measurement system that isn’t only actually correct for one particular fluid? Please? I mean, you don’t have to to go to litres, you can have pints if you prefer…but seriously, there’s a reason no-one else uses the whole “volume defined as weight” system anymore.

Your cooperation, very much, etc.

When I get a fountain drink I put ice in it. Somebody who likes a lot of ice might get less than half actual soft drink in the cup.

That’s what I am saying! Blame Bloomberg. He’s the guy that’s saying fluid volume ounces of soda puts on weight.


By law, the problem you refer to does not exist in this context.


However, this is not “nutrition labeling”, so that law would not seem to apply here.

It does, because serving size is considered a nutritional label.


And just for good measure, the law also includes this tidbit: see what I did there?

emphasis mine


Just out of curiosity, how much did they WANT to charge you for your 44 oz drink?


Seriouly, how stupid is this. A unit of measurement so flawed it as to be underpinned by reference to a better one? Just use the one that isn’t crap.

The amount of times it has created a problem for me is zero. I think most Americans are similar to me in this regard (I realise that some who work in science or engineering may not be in the same boat here, although I’m honestly not quite sure). But since they work just fine, and seem to drive other people crazy - I vote to keep using them, ya know - for the lulz.

You know, the title of this thread misled me, had a vision of Exxon running ragged through the swamps, bloodhounds baying in the distance… Damn.

99c, the price they charge for any refill.

Someone who is not rich enough to just throw away money, nor stupid enough to think that small amounts of money don’t matter.