Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Spoilers)

It was fine. It was safe. Zero risks taken. I really didn’t have a lot to love in this episode. I agree Baron Zemo is well done, but I am not feeling the Flagsmashers, they feel so vague and unrealized with the least memorable villain. She just kind of wanders around and looks sad.

I don’t miss the needless brutality of Daredevil et al (although it had some epic fight scenes - the Disney fight scenes are a joke by comparison) but those shows had real weight, and terrifying, well-realized villains. Those shows were art. This is passable entertainment but it’s not on anywhere near the same level.

Sorry to be a downer. We’ll keep watching it because it’s Marvel but I’d say we’re both a bit disappointed.

A few weeks ago I pitched an idea to introduce Doom in what i called “Wanda Season 2” (Vision would have his own series airing after the Wanda show) and it was an okay pitch but,

…about halfway through this ep when they were in Latvia, and we were dealing with Zemo and Sokovia, I thought THIS would be an even better series to introduce Doom in. We’ve got various areas near him, he could have consolidated power during The Blip…but then they got into Madripoor and thats not Doom’s schtick. …too bad.

If you follow the particulars of Civil War literally…he’s evil Batman AND Moriarty combined in one. That was the biggest gripe about CW was how insanely convoluted and how convienent it was that his plan came together.

But apparently Sam and Bucky are in your camp as far as Zemo goes because they let Professor BatLecter out of prison to help in a case in which Sharon is right and they really should just walk away and let things play out.

They’re super-soldiers…not Khan Noonian Singhs.

Agreed - the plotting seemed insane to me. Basically nothing anyone did made sense. It felt like there should have been a bunch more to set up what was going on.

Lots of the individual scenes were good. Sharon fighting around the shipping containers had some good action. So it was still entertaining, but it really felt like a mindless knock-off action movie.

They referenced Marvel characters and events, never anything specifically MCU related, there is a reason they called it “the incident” without ever making it explicitly clear what it was. It was all fan service that could have been turned into a direct connection if they chose to go that way, but they obviously chose NOT to.

It’s my understanding that they kept the continuity loose so that you didn’t have to have seen the movies to follow the shows, but that when they were being produced they were explicitly intended to be part of the broader MCU. Hulu’s Runaways, Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger, and ABC’s Inhumans were similarly positioned, while ABC’s Agents of SHIELD was more tightly and explicitly tied in (at first - I think they severed all continuity after Infinity War and Endgame). I think all of those shows have now been retconned out of continuity, and going forward only the actual Marvel Studios movies (plus the Sony Spider-Man co-productions) and Disney+ shows are considered part of the MCU canon.

I don’t think Marvel’s officially confirmed it yet, but there have been strong rumors for a while that they’re going to bring back Charlie Cox as Daredevil. They might still reboot the character, but I’m guessing they’re not going to redo his origin, and let the Netflix show back into continuity.

The reason the movies and TV barely referenced each other back then is that the people running the movies hated the guy who was in charge of TV at the time. That guy is long gone and the same people run both now so the connections are now overt.

When they mentioned Madripoor, I kept thinking about Majipoor:

Is Madripoor mentioned in other Marvel properties (comics specifically). You know Power Broker is going to show up soon – anybody we know?


I will say that at least the theory that BStar and Walker!Cap are already powered is dead. There’s no way they could have hidden that from Falcon & Bucky anyway.

Zemo’s done a decent job so far, but the introduction of the “Baron” and the purple mask seemed clumsy. He hasn’t really given off the scary bad-guy vibes after the buildup they gave him either. Emily Van Camp looked pretty good in her fight scenes and she’s been working out, thankfully.

Yes, quite a bit. It’s mostly played a role in various X-Men and related books. I’m not sure if it’d ever been previously mentioned in the MCU (its connection to the X-Men books makes me think it might have been previously been off-limits for the MCU).

Also the name “Power Broker” is just so awkward. They really couldn’t think of anything else? I know that’s the character’s name, but come on.

My money is on Sharon

Wasn’t Madripoor where Wolverine spent so much time in the 90s(?), when he was wearing a patch…?

Arnim Zola. He’s a consistency across the Captain America movies, so he’s a logical follow-through.

Thats half my wacky theory…the other half is that she’s a Skrull. And it will be revealed at the end of the series on the moon.

Old Steve: "You may as well drop the pretense, its good but not quite convincing "
Peggy (Becomes Skrull) “It doesn’t matter…we’re everywhere.”

There’s a rumor that Charlie Cox/Daredevil is going to be in the newest Spider-Man movie.

Yep. His alias at the time was…Patch.

This bothered me at the time, and still does. So he had an alias, but it was just Wolverine with an eyepatch?

Wouldn’t a haircut have done a lot more?

he needed glasses - glasses always sells it.

I thought of Majipoor, too.