Family moves into a puzzle - amazing story

Did anyone else decipher the poem on the radiator cover?

There are a few errors in the ciphering, and I’m wondering if they’re intentional or not.

The designer’s name is Clough. Is that pronounced “Clue” because that would be cool.

I would expect it to be pronounced “cluff.”

Ah, but is it Clough like through or Clough like tough? Or Clough like dough?

-ough is one of the meanest letter clusters in English writing.

Never mind. It was intentional, and I figured it out.

Whoa…this is awesome…

I hope I someday have the opportunity to live in some rambling apartment or house. All mine so far have been pretty uninteresting in that regard, although my folks apparently were once tempted by this giant four-level house with hallways that ran in circles. They got lost in it trying to tour it.

I’d have loved to grow up in a house like that.

In an interesting coincidence, a spiritual, if not literal, ancestor of Eric Clough is Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, the designer and builder of Portmeirion, a resort in Wales that is best known as “The Village” in Patrick McGoohan’s 1967 TV series, The Prisoner.

Sir Clough pronounced it “cluff.”

Quite common. I didn’t learn the real definition of the word until a couple years tell.