Famous songs that weren't hits

Seriously? Iggy Pop / Stooges are pretty edgy, “Candy” notwithstanding. I’m not surprised at his lack of hits.


Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World was released as a single in 1968 and went absolutely nowhere. Twenty years later, after being featured in Good Morning Vietnam, it did become a minor hit (#32) and is ubiquitious these days.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, …

Yet they play this suckstosity like it hit #1. Rush mostly sucks. The Band and The Blowhard.

I loved that song when it came out. Bought the 12" single, even.

Now was that really necessary? You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but the original question had nothing to do with whether the song or the band that performed it is good or not. “Tom Sawyer” fits the OP’s criteria: It’s famous/well-known, and it wasn’t a “big” hit.

Four Strong Winds Ian and Sylvia. Folk singers in the 60s.

Your lack of taste was not a criteria in the OP.

If it’s any help, I liked Limelight off the same album.