Fanny May is 100 today! (and feels like a nap...zzz)

ZZZzzz…Wha?..Huh?.. Did I miss my own party again?
Someone was supposed to wake me.
(I hope you didn’t think I was dead, like last year.)
Oh, well. I stopped counting long ago.
And oldsters actually like to eat leftovers.

The poster’s name is Fannie May,
Who hit 100 posts today.
She hits the bed,
but wants instead,
A sweaty roll in the hay!



Well, I tried.

No real pulse, but still fogging the trifocals fallen down her nose.
Close as she’s going to get to the party, so I’ll just put this funny wig-hat on her and take the polaroid.
See, now we stick it on the funny end of her Pin-The-Tail-On-The-Donkey poster.

Oh, wait just one second while I put her slice of cake in the freezer.

Now, who wants the first pin? (Not me, I’ve got the camera)

Damn! I usually offer beer.

This time it’s coffee, and black and strong.

Somebody hold her head back, while I pour.

Is she still out? Do you think she’d notice if we …

Hey Fanny, how long before you join this party?

We can’t start without you, because

You’re sitting on the Twister mat.

Fanny? We don’t need no stinkin’ Fanny!

Hey wait a minute, that’s not Fanny.

It’s a dummy with a head made of an old knitting bag.

That must be Fanny out on the freeway, dodging trucks and chasing a damn cat!

I forgot all about this.
I was going to check it the next day and then they moved me to a different task at the library and I was far enough from the computers at breaks that I fell out of the habit.

Thanks for coming to the party. (The wake-up that looked like a wake!)

I see some old names and some new. Well, thanks!

I don’t believe we’ve met Fanny, but congratulations.

On the off chance that you’re not yet married may I suggest you might be the perfect foil for the only recently brought to my attention, Dick Trickle.

Would the marriage be one of those open, fluid kind’s of arrangements ?

congratulations, Fanny May.

Fanny May: I’m pretty sure this is the first party I’ve ever been at that the hostess forgot it was going on. I like that–it’s unique.

London_Calling: This is at least the second thread I’ve seen you talking about Dick Trickle in. You’re obsessed. You need to join Dick Trickle Annonymous and get into the 12-step program before you start buying posters or something.

Fanny, becareful who you let know in here that you are in bed. There are a few notorious flirts out there, not meantioning any names (but I hear they are all really hot). Maybe you do want them to know :slight_smile:

AnyWAY, happy 100th!!

MysterEcks – Can’t really join Dick Trickle Anonymous without giving the wrong kind of vibe. I mean, think of the lapel badges at conventions.

What can I do (hunches shoulders, hands turned outward)…Fanny May-Trickle. It was just there.

Parties are good!

I brought a friend for you. He’s 100 too.

 + +
| U |
| V |

I didn’t punch that doggie!

Happy 100th to Fanny! Speaking of Fanny, do we get to dole out spankings??

Cat of the day? Sorry, with my allergies, you can keep the cats.

But if there’s not too much fur in the air, I can come in for cake.

Uh-oh! Dropped my inhaler into the litter box…

Happy 100th, Fanny May!

trying to look modest
I recently hit 100 too. Please, no papparazzi.