Fantastic Four movie-I hope it's good!

The buzz is bad from Fanboy sites. Like Aintitcoolnews. But, as is pointed out in the usually annoying talkbacks, the buzz is bad partly because Aintitcool was given no freebies, sponsorship or access to the film set. There’s a little bit of bitterness there on Harry Knoles part.
My major problem… Doom is on the shuttle and his armor is apparently his mutation from the cosmic rays (WTF!)

Alicia Masters is black and a hoochie. Ummm… again… WTF. But atleast she’s still blind.
I really wanted them to do the Swingin’ 60s retro style FF movie that was rumored before Xmen and Xmen 2 made leather body suits big.

I know the Fantastic Four director himself, Tim Story, was displeased when he saw The Incredibles, due to the similarities between Pixar’s team and the much older (but lesser-known in the mainstream) FF. I believe they even had to make some changes or rewrites to their movie as a result, but I don’t have a cite for that. Once the FF movie comes out, I’m expecting many more unfavorable comparisons to The Incredibles, despite the fact that The Incredibles, while very entertaining, borrowed heavily and obviously from its influences.

Can you recommend some good Doom comics? I’m familiar with his back story, but in the few comics I’ve read that he appeared in he didn’t seem particularly complex or interesting. He reminded me most of pre-Claremont Magneto.

Your best bet will be the upcoming Ed Brubaker-written miniseries Book Of Doom, retelling and fleshing out Doom’s life story in an epic told from Doom’s own point of view. You can read all about it here:

Other common favorites (keeping in mind I haven’t read a lot of these):

Fantastic Four Vs. X-Men miniseries (not sure if it was ever reprinted) - Kitty Pryde is stuck in her intangible form, and Doom volunteers to save her… for a price.
Dr. Doom/Dr. Strange graphic novel (never read it.)
Doom 2099 ongoing series - Warren Ellis wrote later issues of this series, where Doom rules over America 100 years in the future. This wasn’t a popular title, and didn’t reach a large readership by the time it supposedly got really good.
Fantastic Four: Unthinkable TPB by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo (reprints a Doom story from FF comics from the last few years, supposed to be really ripping stuff.)

I credited John Byrne just because I was getting the origin from that particular issue. I knew there was debate over whether the scarring was hideous or slight, but couldn’t remember who was involved. But yes, of course, Kirby/Lee should have full credit for the FF/Doom creations.

Regardless, I’d rather see Doctor Bong than this movie version of Doctor Doom.

If I recall in the comics, the Reed Richards and the Susan Storm are married and Johnny Storm is her brother. Ben Grim is unrelated AFAIK

Well, Marvel did do the Avengers graphic novel, Emperor Doom, where

[spoiler]Doom does manage to take over the entire world (with a bit of help from the Purple Man). The Avengers (both coasts) are 99% subjugated as well, but finally manage to rally an attack and overthrow Vic.

Funny thing is, while Doom’s victory was largely bloodless and benign, he ended up bored with the whole affair – the day-to-day managerial decisions and meetings he had to deal with proved to be more than he wanted to deal with. By the end, he was glad the Avengers gave him an excuse to “quit.”[/spoiler]

My understanding (from, IIRC) is that the Fantastic Four movie didn’t need any major changes, but there was a directive to re-do some of the special effects, especially Mr. Fantastic’s stretching scenes. Apparently Elastigirl showed far more versatility in her body-stretching tricks than Reed did… :wink: