Favorite DeNiro Flick?

Tough call between Raging Bull and Midnight Run. I’ll say Midnight Run.

I’ll second this. His performance really works in this movie.



Taxi Driver


Midnight Run.

Another vote for The Godfather Part 2. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time (ahead even of The Godfather, which is saying a lot), and the young Vito story is, IMO, the best part of the movie.

Having spent a few years driving a yellow cab (a Checker, just like Travis Bickle!), in New York, at night, just a few years after Taxi Driver was released (before Giuliani, before the cleanup of Times Square, before gentrification, etc.), Taxi Driver resonates especially deeply with me.

But for sheer acting brilliance, Raging Bull is my favorite.

Another vote for Godfather II. It’s an easy pick for me.

My second pick is Casino.

Yeah, he’s great in Brazil.

Taxi Driver