Favorite "Recovery Day" Craving

On the recovery day following a binge, whether it be on booze or drugs, I always have unusual cravings. For me, the most common is salty foods and even sometimes just salt. Other times it’s cheese or pickles or some other random thing. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon, and if so what are some of your cravings?


Grilled cheese sammiches and chocolate milk.

Chocolate ice cream.



Grape Gatorade.
Lots of Grape Gatorade.

Any flavor of Gatorade, and lots of it.
Anything unhealthy

Greasy breakfast of bacon and eggs, an orgasm, then a nap.

A steaming mug of Java, a plate of hashbrowns, poached eggs, crispy Jimmy Dean sage recipe sausage, fresh squoze orange juice and a well buttered Thomas’ English muffin.

It has been awhile since I had to avail myself of this, but…

Sleep 'til noon or so.
Take a steaming hot shower.
Brush my teeth for about 20 minutes.
“Breakfast” of coffee, scrambled eggs, sausage, toast with butter and jelly, as much orange juice as I can hold.
Roll and smoke a number.
Take two aspirin.
Go back to sleep 'til dinner time.

Awake a new man and start it all over again.

Who says youth is wasted on the young?

Orange Juice. Mountain Dew.

At first i thought “recovery” meant recovery from exhaustion as from a marathon (physical marathon ;)) In that case my list is:


Burritos with lots of rice. (Or paella, if one happens to be in Spain.) Rice is the world’s greatest hangover cure, for reasons that are completely mysterious to me.

You people must not get on it like I do. That greasy food would last about 10 minutes in my tortured stomach.

Gatorade is good, though. Wake 'n bake too.

The leftovers from the preceeding nights takeaway pizza/curry/kebab,

Greasy fried breakfast,

and, like DeXtroM, salty foods, i heard it was something to do with losing alot of minerals when you get drunk, but maybe someone who knows about these things would answer that one.

Mickey D’s baby!

6 Chicken Nuggets (2 packets of Sweet and Sour sauce)
Filet of Fish (Extra tarter sauce on the side)
Large Fries
Bladder Buster of coke, no ice


Lot’s of salty snacks and plenty of beverage. Low level HO’s must be treated with a greasy breakfast (2 large glasses of juice please and leave the coffee jug on the table)

Water until I can keep down anything else.

Then bread/bagel and milk.

I usually do the big breakfast as well.

I have been know to invite strangers over so I could cook up breakfast at my house after the bar closes.
Its been a while since I have done it.

I usually get very hungry around 4 or 5 the same evening and grab me some fastfood on the way home. Then I wake up with a full stomach and it can go two ways from there: Either I continue down that road, have a completely unproductive day and indulge in more greasy food (usually burgers) or I get my act together, cycle around for some time (or other physical activity), study, whatever, and eat healthier - with the odd bag of sweets thrown in.

Migas with a heavy side of chips and queso/salsa.

See, that’s why your wife loves you.

If I know I’m going to throw down I buy a big bottle of orange gatorade and a king-size Snickers (on the theory that liquor dehydrates and breaks down sugars). After I can open both eyes I go out someplace for eggs benedict.

Bloody Marys. Spicy.